Roasted Broccoli (with nutritional yeast)

Roasted Broccoli (with nutritional yeast)

here is how i make the most amazing roasted broccoli. if you haven’t noticed, i think roasting is the most tasty way to do just about any vegetable. whenever we have the time, this is how i cook.

i want to start by saying, if you have never had roasted broccoli in general, start there. you do not need to go out and buy nutritional yeast. i promise the taste of the broccoli alone will blow your mind. the nutritional yeast just adds this very hard to explain “umami” flavor. which is about as hard to explain as Ross explaining “unagi” on Friends. (anyone?! anyone!?)

secondly, and this is controversial, i roast in olive oil. many people don’t like to roast in it at high temperatures but i always have, my mom always has, my grandmother has, and we are all still living. if you don’t want to i totally get it and just switch to avocado oil. no hard feelings. as for me, i’m gonna keep using it.

so, without further ado, heres how i roast my broccoli:

  1. preheat oven to 375**
  2. toss the broccoli florets (i buy the pre-chopped ones from @traderjoes) in EVOO and a little sea salt, and roast for about 25-30 minutes. check them every ten minutes or so and give them a little stir. if you like it more crispy, just let them stay in the oven a bit longer **give yourself some flexibility with this! if something else you are cooking at the same time has a different cooking temp within like 25 degrees, just roast the broccoli and allow it to cook longer (if temp is lower) or faster (is temp is higher)
  3. when it comes out the oven, sprinkle with some nutritional yeast***

***you could also sprinkle with red pepper flakes or tiny sprinkles of parm. YUM!!! ?