Sweet potato chips 101

Sweet potato chips 101


Someone asked me recently how to get thin sweet potato chips. My response: “patience. and a sharp knife” ?

But really!


There is more than one way but here’s how I do mine.

**if you can, pick longer skinny sweet potatoes. It’s easiest to chop them into thin slices just like you would a pickle or a cucumber.

I know there are lots of tools out there you can use like a mandolin but I really just prefer cutting my sweet potatoes with my chefs knife. It doesn’t seem to take me that much longer and all I have to clean is the knife. I loathe cleaning extra dishes. I also don’t peel the potato first.

NOW, how to roast them:
1. Put them in a bowl and toss in EVOO till well coated. You want oil on them, but you don’t want them so soaked they are dripping.
2. Line them up on a large sheet pan. My favorite is linked in my amazon shop. I love using a large size pan because I can get more on it! You don’t want them overlapping if you want them to get crispy.
3. Graciously season with sea salt or kosher salt. You want a coarse salt here. Avoid table salt if you can. I promise they won’t taste nearly as good.
4. Bake them for 40 minutes to an hour in a 425 degree oven. ***Flip them 20 minutes in. Don’t flip them too often! One time halfway through is enough. And take the time to flip each one individually and, again, don’t let them overlap. Salt the other side when you flip them if you love salt like I do ??

*I say 40 to one hour because some people like them more crispy than others and some people have hotter ovens.
**SOME will burn. It’s ok. Be sad and move on. That’s life. Personally, the burned ones are my favorite!