Summertime Snack Ideas

Summertime Snack Ideas

Hey friends!

I have been asked about snacks for the summer for the little people. Thought I would share a few simple, budget friendly things we are keeping well stocked to prevent all the hangry children. A few are homemade, but the majority are store bought because, well, I’m 22 weeks pregnant and plan to do a large amount of napping.

I am going to link many of them to amazon to make it simple, but know that I found almost all of them at my local Target.

  • Larabars…my kids beg for them. I love the minimal ingredient list. They go on sale so many places for $1/bar, and you can find them at Target or on Amazon in bulk for $1/bar.
  • Squeeze apple sauces…you can find these basically anywhere and we love them for on the go. I linked them on Amazon, but they are cheaper at Target.
  • Squeeze Greek yogurt…it’s nearly impossible to find plain flavored but still an awesome option.
  • Cheese sticks…again, any local grocery store has them and they are perfect for on the go.
  • Whole-grain pretzel sticks…I am linking my favorites. They are more expensive on Amazon, but I have a hard time finding them in stores in SC. These in particular have so few ingredients and are so crunchy! We also get the honey-wheat pretzel sticks from Trader Joe’s weekly.
  • Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies
  • Mini Perfect Bars…can order on their website
  • Hummus and whole-grain pita/naan
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Raisins

Now for the homemade:

Trader Joe’s Favorites:

  • Honey-wheat pretzel sticks
  • 5-seed almond bars
  • Organic Turkish figs
  • Organic raisins
  • Just mango dried mango
  • Freeze fried mango, strawberry, or raspberries
  • Edamame hummus and whole-grain pita bread
  • Organic yogurt squeeze tubes frozen to become popsicles

A few things to consider buying: