Batch Breakfast: Copycat Perfect Bars

Batch Breakfast: Copycat Perfect Bars

Hello again! Here is the second breakfast in our “batch breakfast” series and this one has been a big hit (especially for the kids who need something on the go don’t want to eat a big breakfast).

My kids love Perfect Bars, but buying them week after week starts to get pricey! I found this recipe online that are delicious! Please note this is not my personal recipe, but from Erin Lives Whole, go to her blog for the full recipe.   



✔️I always make a double batch! If I am putting the work in I want to get a lot of them.


✔️Recipe calls for oat flour and I subbed almond because that’s what I had (I get it at Costco for a great price). If you have neither oat flour or almond flour, I have heard from a lot of you that you can just blend up whole rolled oats and it’s the same thing! I would not use regular flour though, it would completely change the taste and you shouldn’t eat flour raw.


✔️I used natural Peanut Butter (the kind you have to stir; also from Costco) and while I think you could use any PB, I think this made the whole batch easier to stir since the PB isn’t as thick.


They keep in the fridge for 4-5 days!

✔️I used Aloha moment vanilla protein power (it’s what I use In my smoothies) and it does add the slightest vanilla taste but I think it makes them even better; like a touch of vanilla extract. I do think if you didn’t want to use protein power or didn’t have it you could easily leave it out.

✔️I put a small lining of parchment paper in the bottom of my pan and made it super easy to lift out the bars and cut. I then used this same parchment piece to separate my bars in the Tupperware.



✔️I cut some bars to be normal size and some to be snack size and loved having the freedom to cut to whatever size I wanted.


You could also definitely freeze these. I haven’t yet because our family goes through them so fast!


Let me know if you try these and what you/your family thinks!

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