A case for gym childcare {part 1}: why it matters for mom

  1. Lindsey says:

    I love this! I have one question though. Have your children resisted going? I tried this a couple years ago and my kids cried so much that they called me after 5 or 10 minutes. I leave them in the church nursery fine but I think it’s such a new/scary environment. Anyway, just wondering if you have any tips for that!

    • Kate says:

      Yes! I can absolutely relate. I know it can be hard but I find a lot of comfort in knowing that I am just down the hall and if it’s going awful they will come and get me.

  2. Price Sigal says:

    Which gyms in Charleston have childcare?!

  3. ES says:

    Thank you for sharing this again in The Power Nap this reminder came at a perfect time for me 🙂

  4. CD says:

    I am a full time working (in office) mom and sometimes have guilt for then dragging my kids to the gym after I pick them up from daycare. However, it’s truly the only 45 minutes I have to myself during the day and my kids love it! It’s hard, but it’s a win/win in my book. Thank you for sharing!

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