Why I love the dockatot

Why I love the dockatot

This go around, postpartum has been a bit harder than I expected. I think with it being my third baby I knew the aftermath and physical healing would be difficult, but I think I also expected it to be easier since it’s my third time doing it. Like my body would just bounce back with a “don’t worry, we’ve done this before!” type attitude. Haha. Not so.

I just gotta say, I was super skeptical about the Dockatot and I have become a believer (I received one compliments of the company). There are many reasons why I have come to love it, but I’m going to share the game changer: postpartum healing.

Millie has been sleeping in our room in the bed and it has made such a difference for me this go around. I can nurse her without having to get up multiple times, which has provided my body with loads more rest than it would otherwise be getting. Gravity is no friend to a healing pelvic floor (really tho) and more time horizontal in those first few weeks is more rest and healing for this tired Momma.

Also, with this being my third baby, I know the infant phase is short and I want to cherish it. I just love these first few weeks with a newborn?

I know I will get asked if I get scared of smooshing her but I really don’t at all. This thing is like a little fortress with high walls.

Anyways, I have been asked a lot about baby items I love and this has been a favorite by far. I want to do a blog post soon with some other things I have loved, both new for Millie and tried and true things that have stood the test of all three kiddos. Hoping to work on that soon! But for now, I’m just gonna keep staring at this little love.