Favorite Costco Items

Favorite Costco Items

Hi friends! I have kept a saved instagram story highlight of my favorite Costco items for a couple years. I figured it would be easier to keep this on the blog for your reference. I was even able to link a few items to help you out!


For a while, I would shop at Costco, under the mentality of “BUY IT NOW, when will you be back?!” Obviously there are things you buy at Costco and save money, but it can also cost you a lot of money with this scarcity mindset. I have found that you save money at Costco the more often you go. The more often I go, I only buy things we actually need. It lessens the “I have to get this now urge” because it’s a good price. The knowledge that I’ll be back saves me from feeling the need to hoard things I don’t need yet.

When I go to Costco, I ask myself ‘Can I go one more week’? This is similar to the grocery shopping question of “can I go one more day?”…it helps keep me in check for buying lots of things I don’t need. If I can wait a week, I can wait till my next trip.

Secondly, think about the cost of space. Your space might not be worth the $0.50 to $1 you may be saving to store 16 cans of baked beans.

OK, now that I have said my peace about bulk buying, here are the items we frequently purchase at Costco. In no particular order…


  • A2 organic whole milk (3 pack of half gallons)
  • Stonyfield organic kids yogurt sticks. I freeze these and then cut them in half and each child gets a half in the bathtub. They love it!
  • Kerrygold pure Irish butter. This goes I our toast every morning. It’d actually GOLD and it’s a great price. I also freeze this!
  • Horizon organic half and half. I have yet to see a better price on this, it’s $2.99 for 1 quart
  • Aidells chicken apple sausage. It’s our favorite and a great price here
  • Kombucha 
  • Hydroponic butter lettuce
  • Lots of berries (again, a great price!)
  • Bell pepper multipack
  • 3 pack of English cucumbers (for the daily green)
  • String cheese
  • Chobani reduced sugar Greek yogurt
  • Bel Gioso parmesan block
  • Kirkland basil pesto that I put in smaller jars and freeze



  • Kirkland organic frozen broccoli florets. I cook this in my Pampered Chef microsteamer. The kids love broccoli and they prefer steamed to roasted.
  • Kirkland pepperoni pizza, 4 pack for Nate (4 pack cheese for the kids)
  • Organic mango chunks (for the daily green)
  • Organic wild blueberries
  • Frozen Avocado Chunks
  • Sambazon Acai Packets for smoothies
  • Kirkland brand ice cream bars



There are of course other items we get depending on the day and season but this list comprises most of our repeat purchases. I hope you found this helpful!


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