My Favorite Canvas Bags

My Favorite Canvas Bags

Hi Everyone! I have been meaning to write this post for so long and am finally getting around to it! With summer travel upon us, I want to share my favorite canvas bags. The entire family uses these and for good reason. Please read throughly, because I am going to try and give as much detail as I can!

I am going to link the bag over and over, but keep in mind it’s really all the same link. You simply choose your size, color, zip top, handle length, and monogram style.

Before I go any further, please know, these bags go on sale often! Usually 40-50% off. I never buy them full price and when they go on good sale I might go ahead and buy 1-2 for gifts. This is my favorite gift to give for a child’s first birthday! I monogram it with their name and usually do a LARGE, ZIPPER TOP, REGULAR HANDLE. It could also be a wonderful shower gift and you could fill it with diapers and wipes. 

Some of you might be wondering why we choose Lands’ End over LLBean. For starters, we love LLBean! We have many products from them and even some tote bags. I use and swear by their hanging toiletry bag (I have size Medium). But when it comes to our favorite tote bags, Lands’ End wins for us because of one thing: POCKETS. There are many interior pockets as well as an exterior pocket. 

Also note, I DO NOT suggest these bags for air travel if you plan to check them. The conveyor belt the bags go on will really hurt these bags and leave lots of black marks. I learned this the hard way. 

If your bag gets dirty, I usually scrub mine with some soapy water and that works well. I have never put mine in the washing machine. Also, don’t sweat it if they get dirty…I think it gives it character! This article tells you how to clean the tote. 

To help you see the difference in sizes, I have asked some very cute models to help me. Don’t worry, I paid them. In chewy sweet tarts. For reference, Scout is 4 and John Robert is 6. John Robert is around 4 feet tall.


I get the size EXTRA-LARGE, ZIPPER TOP, REGULAR HANDLES. This size would also be great for a child. My kids all have LARGE, ZIPPER TOP, REGULAR HANDLES but the difference is minimal. I can fit everything they need in the large, but if you are on the fence, you could always do XL. I am going to share some photos with captions to allow you to see the sizes. 

John Robert is modeling the XL in this photo.


My kids all have LARGE, ZIPPER TOP, REGULAR HANDLES but the difference is minimal. I can fit everything they need in the large, but if you are on the fence, you could always do XL. I asked my friend Meghan, who has XL for her kids (all under age 5) and she loves the XL for them. 

What goes in the bag? All their clothes for up to a week, their blanket, lovie, diaper/wipes if needed, sound machine, toiletry bag. Yes, it all fits!

John Robert is modeling the LARGE in this photo.


Both kids have a size LARGE in this photo.


Millie has the MEDIUM, ZIPPER TOP, REGULAR HANDLES tote and oh my gosh I love it. I wish I had done this for my other kids in preschool! Their little LLBean bookbags are precious, but could barely hold their folder. Millie’s bag can easily hold her folder, lunchbox, water bottle, and change of clothes. I took a few photos to show that it can hold a binder, planner, etc. Once your child is school age I do love the LLBean Bookbags but for kids 0-5, this tote is the BEST!

Scout is modeling the MEDIUM in this photo.


This photo shows you the difference in size between the MEDIUM and LARGE


This is the interior view of the MEDIUM. Could easily hold my 13″ Macbook as well.


This is the interior view of the LARGE. Note all the pockets. All bags also have a front pocket.


All bags can zip completely if you choose the zipper top option.

And there you have it! Hope this helps anyone wanting a comparison of the different sizes. We truly love these bags! 


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