Hi friends! I have been asked a lot recently about baby products I have used and love. While the list is long, I am going to give you some of my top hitters, as well as gab about things I don’t think matter so much/really come down to preferance. Granted, I didn’t know this when I had my first, and I have learned a lot over time with trial and error. Every baby is so different and what works for one might totally fail for another.

With that being said, here are some of my FAVORITES:

dockatot: I love being able to have Millie so close to me! It’s super portable which is amazing for travel and also for having her sleep in different areas of the house. I did a whole blog post on why I love it and you can find it HERE.

swaddleme swaddles: these are so much easier and faster than a swaddle blanket! Millie is super tight and cozy and I have used these same swaddles with all 3 kids. I love the organic cotton ones – so soft!

wildbird sling: if you follow me on Instagram you have most definitely seen me using this. I also have a wrap baby carrier, but have fallen in love with the ring sling for how fast I can get Millie in and out of it. With two toddlers in tow, speed is key! Since getting a ring sling, I have yet to reach for my old wrap carrier.

ergo baby carrier: this is my go-to baby carrier once the baby gets heavier. I have used mine with all 3 kids and swear by it! In my opinion, this is different than the sling and I love both. I use them for different things.

bob stroller: this stroller is perfect for running; it is super sturdy and easy to steer. I will say, however, strollers are really something you need to choose based on your lifestyle, storage space, etc. I highly suggest going to the store and testing them out. I will say, I haven’t found what I would consider the perfect double stroller yet. We have double BOB, and while I do love it, it is bulky.

car seat canopy: this are super inexpensive on amazon and great for cold days, keeping the bright sun out, and keeping unwanted strangers from touching your baby’s face in Target (really tho!)

zutanos: by far the BEST bootie/sock. They truly don’t fall off! This is my favorite thing to give to new moms.


  1. diaper bags: over the shoulder? bookbag? neutral? fun print? I think you just gotta assess your lifestyle and look and choose as best you can. My only advice is get one that zips. Your cute baby will turn into a curious toddler who loves togo through your things before you know it!
  2. stroller: I know, I know, I said I love my BOB stroller, and I do! But, at the end of the day your lifestyle really decides what is best for you.
  3. car seat: there are so many good and safe brands out there!
  4. bottles: again, so many options. The one thing I have found is the size 1/newborn size nipples have been way too slow for all my kids; they get frustrated by them. I immediately switch to the next size up.


  1. Anything that is super short term that takes up space: BORROW! Such a great way to save money and not have your storage overtaken by baby paraphernalia. Also, be a friend and lend to other moms.
  2. Don’t open things until you use them! You will end up returning more than you think. Maybe your baby doesn’t like to be swaddled…maybe you got way too many pacifiers and baby doesn’t use one.
  3. Register at Target! Even if just for a few things. WHY? Target allows limitless returns, even without a receipt, if you have a registry. Without one, they only allow you to return 7 items a YEAR if you don’t have a receipt!

I know this isn’t everything, but hopefully some of what I said here is helpful!