A case for gym childcare {part 2}: why it matters for the child

A case for gym childcare {part 2}: why it matters for the child
Over the last few months I have been asked this question enough and feel passionately enough about it this topic that I decided it needs its own pos! It is either posed as a question: “how do you stay in shape with three small children?” or as a comment “I cannot believe you make it to the gym with three kids to take care of!”
Want to know my answer every. single. time? GYM. CHILDCARE!
Now, I know this post will not be for everyone. Budgets and distance and availability all come into play. But, for those to whom this is a viable option, let me give you some of my top reasons I think gym childcare is invaluable.

Without further ado, here is part 2: why it matters for the child


1. Your children get some healthy interaction with others. Especially before they have siblings, this is a great environment for them to learn to share toys, play games, and maybe even get in some arts and crafts time.

2. It is as much a workout for your child as it is for you. I don’t know about you, but my kids usually leave childcare absolutely worn out! They have energy that needs to be released just like I do and playing with others their age is a fabulous way for this to happen.

3. In the summer, it is air conditioned. In the winter, it is heated. In the rain, it is dry. Need I say more?

4. It teaches your child to obey others besides mommy and daddy. While at childcare, they are expected to listen to those in charge, which is wonderful training for down the road at school, friends’ houses, etc.

5. Oftentimes, it exposes your child to much more diversity than they would otherwise be around. At our gym, the childcare attendants are black, white, asian, hispanic, young, old…the list goes on. Same for the children they get to interact with. I absolutely love this.

6. It teaches your child that you can leave them and you will come back. This is very healthy training for later on down the road when you need to be able to leave them for a camp, school, church, etc. The gym usually doesn’t last any longer than an hour so it is a small, measurable way to build trust that, yes, mommy loves you and she will come back and get you.

7. Oftentimes, they get to play with toys they don’t have at home or do art projects they don’t get to at home. This can be so fun and stimulating for the child!

8. It gifts your child a mom who has had some much needed time to process, unwind, get stronger, and breathe. You giving yourself some time of self care in this way oftentimes leads to you being a better, more relaxed, more energized mom. A mom who can keep up with them at the park with strong arms to rock them at night.


I do hope this was helpful for some of you! In case you missed it, check out part 1: why it matters for MOM


3 thoughts on “A case for gym childcare {part 2}: why it matters for the child”

  • I just signed up for the gym last week prior to your post and had mixed feelings about it- guilt that this would take precious time out of our day, dragging the kids to the gym with me. Your posts 1 and 2, came at the right time and affirmed my decision was a good one! I am already feeling the benefits of going, feeling stronger and taking time for some self care. Bonus is the kids love it too! Thank you for the posts!

  • Yes!! I agree with all off these, and will add to it. For older toddlers and preschoolers, going to the gym gives you the opportunity to start talking about self care, nutrition, etc.

    Thanks so much for this article. You do a great job of encouraging mommas who are in the lovely trenches.

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