Kids’ Easter Basket Ideas (you won’t want to toss the next day!)

Kids’ Easter Basket Ideas (you won’t want to toss the next day!)

Hello friends! I cannot believe I am actually writing a blog post to you all. It’s been quite a while. I thought it would be helpful to give you some ideas I have had for kids’ Easter baskets.

First off, I think it is important to say, you are in absolutely no way obligated to give your children an Easter basket. You don’t need to give any gift at all, much less a basket. We never have before, and we plan to keep it extremely simple. Whenever we have given our children a gift at a holiday, we do so explaining to them that we are celebrating the Great Gift Giver: we give gifts as a way to celebrate and remember the gift that God gave to us. God the Father, giving us the gift and sacrifice of His Son in order to rescue us. At Christmas we celebrated this rescuer’s birth, and at Easter we celebrate how He rose from the dead! The gifts we give are a way to mark the occasion as something to be celebrated. God and what He did for us is the greatest gift and worth celebrating everyday.

So, without further ado, here are a few gift ideas that could be fun and encourage play/time outside/learning more about God. The links will take you to amazon. They are affiliate links so I make a small percentage. If you buy through them, thank you!

If you’re looking for a direct link to a round up of products you can buy now,
hop over to the Amazon Shop here.

Some are links to websites for products I love. And some are cheap ideas to not buy anything! FREE! Holler!

1. A book: Nate and I plan to give each of the children a book to further help them understand who God is. I linked some of our favorites, though there are many more out there.

**FREE #ballinonabudget IDEA: Write a few of your favorite verses on notecards and commit to memorizing them with your child. You can practice them together and have some reward if you learn them. Candy, or baking cookies, or whatever sounds like a fun reward to you!


2. Gardening gloves and tools: this is a wonderful way to get your child outside and to be able to spend time with them in the yard. John Robert and Scout both love to rake (hilarious, very UNLIKE their mother) and love wearing their gloves. The Target Dollar Spot also had gardening stuff there last time I checked, but here are a few amazon links.

Kids gardening gloves

Gardening tool set

Child size rake

**#ballinonabudget idea: buy a bag of soil and a few hearty herbs (parsley is a good one) or plants (again, something hard to kill!) and plant a small garden somewhere in the yard. 

3. Items to encourage them to help in the kitchen: The kid-safe knives are an item I am splitting between John Robert and Scout, and they both wear their aprons my aunt gave them often! Mind you, the knives will be kept in the kitchen and only used with me around supervising.

Toddler apron

Toddler-safe knife set

**FREE IDEA: give them a certificate for homemade cookies or brownies; tell them they can cash it in on a day of their choosing and bake with them. Or, give them a box of brownie mix (you probably already have one in the pantry you can use!) and tell them that you are going to make them together that next week. They will love it!

4. Items that are for them, but also help you! Sun hats for the beach, little shoes, goggles, a puddle jumper (be sure to get the safe one I have linked below)…these are all things they will use and enjoy, but also things you are going to have to buy anyways! Count it a win, win.

**ballinonabudget TIP: think through this summer. Are there any camps they are going to? Swim lessons? Perhaps there is something required for one of these that you could go ahead and gift them now.

5. Things to encourage independent play/family play: a sensory bin (I use water for mine; rice is the worst!), tools for that bin, bubbles for the bath. These are little things that they can enjoy in multiple ways, and let’s be real, they also make your day a bit easier.

**FREE IDEA: save plastic bins and scoopers from things like laundry detergent and items you buy at the store. These are perfect for sensory bins! The dollar store is also a treasure trove of things for a bin. You probably even have a plastic bin lying around your house you could use πŸ™‚

OK, that’s it! 5 little ideas. I grouped them on my amazon shop in a category called “Kids’ Easter Baskets” to make it easier to see most of them. Please don’t do all 5. That would be way too much. Pick one item and give it with purpose. And when you do, tell your little ones about the Greatest Gift Giver there ever was.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  • What a great post! My husband and I are always searching for fun, inexpensive gifts to give at holiday time without that being the focus of the holiday! Also, LOVE the throwback pics… Scout in that Easter bonnet ???

  • Thank you for such a truly helpful and realistic post! So many blogs these days are overwhelming with encouraging us to buy buy buy and spend endless time and money making things β€œperfect” and Instagram-worthy for holidays but you only share truly helpful products in a realistic way. Especially love the free ideas you shared! Thanks for keeping it real here and on Instagram <3

    • Thank you so much! this means to lot to me. I am so happy this simplified things for you πŸ˜‰

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