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Hydrating Collagen Water

Hydrating Collagen Water

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Wanted to share what has become my favorite way to drink @vitalproteins when I travel. I started doing this when Nate and I went to San Diego. I love this because it’s super refreshing, hydrating, requires zero equipment, and gives me a much needed vitamin C boost, which is much needed because our children sleep terribly on vacation.

1 scoop vital proteins + 12 oz. room temp water + 12 oz. coconut water + 1 packet @emergenc + tons of ice

I start with the 12 ounces of water and the @vitalproteins and shake it violently in my water bottle till it’s nice and mixed (I use room temp water to help it mix up well). Then, I add the coconut water and @emergenc and shake again. Lastly, I add a ton of ice.

*Truth be told, I don’t measure the water amounts at all, just do half of each, but put them for those that love measurements. Also, you don’t have to use coconut water! I just love it. Feel free to use all regular water if you like. You can also leave out the emergen-C and just do water, coconut water, and collagen.

Just a little idea if your needing some extra hydration on these hot summer days.