Simple Free Advent Activity for Kids (and something for the mamas too!)

Simple Free Advent Activity for Kids (and something for the mamas too!)


We did this with JR when he was really little and he loved it. It was simple enough for him to understand (he was 2.5 at the time) and allowed him to get excited for Christmas while also beginning to understand the true and deeper meaning. And guess what? It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All you need is some paper cut into strips, some glue, and a pen. I happened to have cute craft paper, but any old paper will do. Red and green construction paper could be fun!

I have a very vivid memory of doing this in elementary school and the visual of the chain getting shorter was so exciting! It really helped me understand how close Christmas was.


And just for your expectations…

we did it each morning last year and it lasted 25 seconds,

but it was still great! ?


Option 1:

Simply cut the paper into 25 strips and write an easy to understand attribute of God on each one. Each day, you tear one off and talk about that attribute of God. That’s it! The chain gets shorter so it’s an easy way for toddlers to visually see Christmas getting closer. Ours start super simple (God created us, God is big, God is kind) and get more Advent related as Christmas approaches.

Option 2:

Simply cut the paper into 25 strips and write the chapter of The Jesus Storybook Bible you are to read that morning. The JSB makes for a great Advent Devo since it has 25 chapters and there are 25 days. 

Whichever option you choose, you simply use the glue to secure the links. *i had those amazing double sided tape squares and they made this part even easier ?? Hope this is a helpful tool to anyone out there! Tag a friend and maybe you could come up with the 25 rings together!!

Option 3:

Download Sally Lloyd Jones’ JSB Advent Calendar. It’s also free 🙂







Also, here is the link for a FREE Advent Devotional I have done for the last 3 years. It is truly wonderful. And the best part? It comes straight to your email each morning. This devotional has drawn me closer to Christ year after year. Did I mention it is FREE?!