Hello! This post came about due to a large amount of questions surrounding peanut butter and my recent stirring method. People LOVE them some peanut butter and so do we! We go through around a jar a week over here.


FIRST, the method. See the video. I have started stirring my PB this way and it is so wonderful. The oil incorporates super well, only has to be done once, and only one small tool is dirtied. BUT YOU GOTTA HOLD THAT JAR LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! The amount of awful (also hilarious) photos and videos I have received in the last week from people showing their poor jar holding carnage is, well, a lot. HOLD THAT JAR TIGHT!



 I am going to share a few questions I received:



Do you have to stir the PB jar every time you open it?

No! only the first time. I guess if you ate PB so infrequently that it had time to separate again you might need to, but we certainly never have!

Why don’t you just buy no stir PB?

We prefer to buy natural PB that contains only two ingredients: peanuts and salt. Peanuts contain all the oil they need to turn into delicious butter so I don’t really see the purpose in buying one with added oils. Buying natural PB can take some getting used to, so perhaps try a “gateway butter” like skippy natural to make the transition easier.

Why do you store upside down before opening?

The oils in the jar will naturally rise to the surface. So, if I store the jar upside down before I open it and stir it, the oils will “rise” to the “top” (which is actually the bottom of the jar). When I flip the jar and open it, the oils are now in the bottom and are easier to stir in without spilling. 

Why don’t you buy organic? 

Two reasons: 1. cost. 2. peanuts come in a shell so they are more protected when out in the field. Any harsh chemicals would likely not penetrate to the actual peanut. But mostly, I just don’t care very much about my peanut butter being organic.

Why don’t you store in fridge?

I know the jar says to, but I just never ever have! My mom never did either. I am sure it is to help with the shelf life but I suppose we go through it fast enough here we don’t need to store it in the fridge. In also don’t like how it gets so hard.

What is your favorite PB?

Hands down, Trader Joe’s crunchy salted. I much prefer this to Whole Foods. Both only contain peanuts and salt but the color and taste is different. It is my favorite!



Hope this was helpful! I will plan another post on making homemade nut butters. Happy Thursday, everyone!


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  • You aint lyin! Oh my goodness that peanut butter went flying. Had to laugh. I tried it a second time and did much better, but man you do have to get a death grip on the jar.

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