Feeding Millie: MSF

Feeding Millie: MSF

Hello all! I get asked this question a lot so I decided to make it into a blog post people could reference. This was originally posted on instagram about 7 months ago, but now it’s here for you to find it more easily. 


Feeding Millie: MSF


Back in March, I was asked a LOT about how I planned to feed Millie. Will I do baby lead weaning? Will I make my own baby food? How do I feel about pouches? This is one of those super polarizing topics in motherhood because for some reason we feel that how we feed our children is a direct reflection of how good of a mother we are. We see feeding as some sort of morality issue when it simply isn’t. There are a million factors that go into how you choose to feed your little person and let me tell you what I am the last person on the planet to tell you whether the way you choose is right or wrong.


With John Robert, I made my own baby food. It was all the rage and frankly I had a lot of time on my hands and not a ton of extra cash (Nate was in law school). It was cheap and I was bored. I loved making it!


I have no idea what we did for Scout (HA!) All I remember is her first food was technically a whole peanut her brother fed her around 3 months she luckily spit out. I think we just fed her whatever we were eating smashed so she could handle it? I do know she loved barbecue quinoa casserole from a very young age and that made me very happy.



I have a new method I’m trying for Millie.


It’s called MSF.


Never heard of it? Maybe not because I just made it up!


“Mom’s Sanity Feeding” is comprised of a mixture of eating whatever we eat for dinner with a little BLW mixed in and plenty of pouches on the go. It’s mashing some foods, serving some whole, and making room for a chick-fil-a french fry. It’s understanding that while what she eats is important, it’s not ultimate.


So, with a lot of sighing and groaning from me (I personally love the ease and little clean up from breastfeeding), we made the transition to MSF. First foods: avocado mashed with some breastmilk (doesn’t that sound delightful?) and some steamed sweet potato cut into strips for her to hold and mash.



Let the games begin, Millie girl. Welcome to the amazing extraordinary world of FOOD!