Favorite Baby Items

Favorite Baby Items

Hello! Let’s chat baby items. Surprisingly, this was the biggest request I got when I asked a few weeks ago what you all are most interested to hear about from me before I have our fourth baby. I am going to link everything I can in my Amazon Shop, along with a lot of other items I don’t go into detail on in this post but still love and wanted to include. 


First off, Baby gear shopping is SO OVERWHELMING.

There are so many opinions.


My best advice is to steer clear of the internet hole and ask a friend you trust. I am just going to tell you some items we have used for all of our three of our kids and will continue to use for the fourth. It’s not going to be super extensive but I am going to try and do my best. 

REMEMBER, this is not a morality issue. WE CAN LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS. That is good and normal! A lot of our stuff isn’t the coolest or fanciest on the market but man they have worked well for us.


We have LOVED the Bob strollers. They are $$$ but resell super well. Strollers are very personal and it depends if you are doing narrow city sidewalks or lots of neighborhood walking. We are doing lots of the latter so the bob works great for us. We started off with the single then sold it and upgraded to the double. They ride really well, they pivot, they are just easy. I highly suggest the handle bar that adjusts if you have tall people or the adults pushing it are different heights. We have the Bob double jogging stroller and love it. I also highly recommend a caddy/organizer to go on the handle bar. Sadly our Double Booyah organizer is out of stock but it’s the best. 


Car Seat:

We used the Chicco keyfit 30 and loved it, linking a Britax B-Safe which is similar. We need a new one for this baby and I’m highly considering the Doona for the ease of it but I haven’t made my decision yet. The doona are super easy to use but super hard to find unfortunately. They are a stroller and car seat in one and I really like the idea of just being able to easily walk into the store with a baby and 3 toddlers in tow. It sounds very appealing. Other than that I don’t have a ton of intel on car seats. I suggest doing your own research, asking friends, or choosing what works best for your car, budget, needs, etc. There are SO MANY great brands. 


Baby Carrier:

Our favorite baby carrier is from the Ergo brand. I am the biggest Ergo fan ALL THE WAY. We have a few wraps that are precious for a newborn but that phase is so fast. I am linking you to the nicer, newer one in my Amazon shop, the Ergobaby Omni 360, because ours is old though it still works wonderfully. They are fast to put on, great support and can be used for both babies and toddlers. You can do inward or outward facing in this. They are just so great. 


Car Seat/Nursing Cover.

This thing does it all – best $10 you’ll spend. This is so nice to cover baby in the store and good coverage for nursing. 



Our bedroom is not huge so we used a Halo Bassinest we borrowed from a friend for Millie. I will be borrowing my sister’s this time around. I am linking a bassinet I would get if I were to buy a new one. I love having the baby in my room right next to me. 


Pack and Play:

Huge fan of the 4Moms Play Yard. It’s easier to put together than a pack and play. It is more expensive but it’s worth it for ease of use – just one click to pull down, one click to pull up. All the walls are slightly higher, and it’s a little bigger than a classic pack and play. We have loved this brand.


Sound Machine:

We have the Dohm, and it’s been fine but I just don’t think they are loud enough. They are the most natural because they are an actual fan. They are fine if you have a quiet house but not if you have a barking dog and yelling kids. So we also use a box fan. This combination kind of makes it feel like they are in an airplane hanger which works very well haha. My sister has LectroFan and loves it. But I do think in and of itself, the Dohm is not enough. 



I LOVE the DockATot. They are simply wonderful. I love when they are little and can sleep in it, I love how portable they are and that they baby can nap wherever if you have it. Big fan. 


Baby Seat:

I have to be honest and say the Bumbo was not used a ton in our house. I don’t know if it’s because our kids legs are too skinny, but they just pop right out of this thing. At church childcare they have The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up floor seat and I like it better for sitting. 



This is the bouncer/seat we have used for all of our kids. You can now spend lots of money to get fancy versions of these. I’m sure they are awesome but let me tell you the Fisher-Price one works great and it’s $30. 


High Chair:

Another thing that is personal to your style/needs. We were renting an apartment when we first had our kids so space saving was important. We love the Fisher-Price high seat chair. It is easy to travel with and works super well. It goes right on a dining room chair. If your chair is nice, put a towel down then the seat. If you need an extra chair then maybe you should get a stand alone high chair. But for us, this works. They are easy to clean, you can rip the tray right off, it can lean back or forward, it does it all. You use for the first feedings until they move to a chair at the table. They are super cheap and a great option for grandparents house if anything. 


Drying Rack:

Next up, Boon Lawn Drying Racks for baby bottles. There are a lot of different sizes and colors, we still use ours. You can also get a tree shaped one that’s taller for drying bottle nipples. 


Baby Bottles:

These are SO PERSONAL. It’s hard to predict what kind of bottle your baby will take. My advice is to not get a ton of one kind. My kids all loved Dr. Brown’s. My sister loves Avent. Both of these are very popular and widely used. I tried to get Millie to take the comotomo bottles because I liked that they were silicone (and they were very popular at the time) but she was not having it. All that to say, don’t stress too much about investing a ton in one kind of bottle set until you know what your baby likes. 


Baby Bath:

The AngelCare Baby Bath is perfect. I love how it has holes for water to go through easily. It can hang dry really easily as well and does not easily mold. Love this a lot!


For diapering:

We love Target Up and Up brand diapers, the Burt’s Bees Baby Ointment, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, and Kirkland brand wipes. 



If you can’t think of what to gift someone, the Kissy Kissy Baby convertible gowns are awesome. I swear by these for quick diaper changes and recommend small or 0-3 month sizing so it lasts longer, don’t bother with newborn. And the Zutano Baby Booties.  The absolute hands down best for fall/winter babies and they make cotton ones for spring babies. So much easier than a baby sock and won’t fall off. I love gifting these. 


I linked a ton of other items we have used over the years and loved but just didn’t go into detail on. You can find them all here in my Amazon Shop

That’s all! Remember, there are SO MANY options and it’s hard to decipher what is best online. At the end of the day, you’ll buy and receive things you don’t use. This may include stuff you swear is the best but then still doesn’t  work for your particular baby. It’s all a crapshoot, so be encouraged ❤️



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