On taking a trip without your children

On taking a trip without your children

Before leaving for Italy, my mom looked at me in the eyes and gave me the same sage wisdom she has given me every time before taking a trip.

I am paraphrasing, but the gist is this: “Kate, when you get home, the moment you walk in that door you will be mom again. To them, it will be like you never left and they will likely ask you for a snack before you even set your bags down. Enjoy your time away from them, because once it’s over, it’s over, and you are back on duty.”



Truer words have never been said and I thought about them so much while away. Yes, I missed these precious little people. But to be completely honest, I didn’t miss the demands. A week away was perfect, but I think I could have done 10 days and still been fine (ha!) just being honest.

Gosh I love them, but mom was right. Vacation is over and while that’s completely wonderful and good, I am so thankful for her reminder to me before I left. It helped me savor the rest.

Any mamas out there planning trips and leaving littles, take Berta’s advice.


Because once you’re home, you’re home.