Mother’s Day Ideas (Grouped by Love Language!)

Mother’s Day Ideas (Grouped by Love Language!)

I thought it would be fun to do a little post on ideas for Mother’s Day and group them by the 5 Love Languages. BUT FIRST, we should probably have a small discussion about Mother’s Day because man oh man it can be such a day for disappointment, loneliness, expectations not met, and grief for many who have lost a child or find themselves in a season of waiting.

First, to those who have lost a child, a mother, or are in a season of longing to be a mother, in the adoption process, my heart aches for you. I have not experienced any of the above things, but I know that if I had, I think more than anything I would want to be seen. I would want to know that people love me and are praying for me. And so, I will be praying for you as Mother’s Day approaches. I will be praying that you know that Jesus sees you, and He hears your cries. I will be praying that He fills your heart with “peace that surpasses understanding” and fills the void you feel this Mother’s Day. You are a rare warrior group of women in my mind, you are weathering one of the hardest storms life can throw at you. I will be praying that as the seas feel tumultuous and you feel scared, angry, and alone, that you would believe that Jesus is in the boat with you. But, not only is He in the boat, He is captain of the ship and controller of the entire sea. He is mighty. And He is good. And He loves you deeply and can enter in to where the wounds feel so incredibly tender.

For anyone in the mourning or waiting, that fact that you still want to know God is utter grace in your life. Again, I don’t say this lightly, you are heroes to me. I pray that this song would be a comfort and remind you of grace in your life. Drawn to You, Audrey Assad



  • Dear Mushka AID Necklace, for those who have suffered a miscarriage
  • Held: 31 Biblical Reflections on God’s Comfort and Care in the Sorrow of Miscarriage 
  • Dear Mushka promise pack scripture cards (if #ballinonabudget, try writing some scripture cards yourself)
  • A potted plant to bring a little life to their house (pythos is a very easy one to take care of and can be found at most plant/large hardware stores)
  • The entire Dear Mushka website is really a wonderful resource. This is not sponsored in any way; I have just bought things from them both for myself and others and love their stuff.
  • A simple card, text, or phone call. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be meaningful. Trader Joe’s always has a wonderful selection of blank cards for under $1.
  • An idea for someone who has lost a mother: plant a tree in honor of her mom so that she can watch it grow for years to come. Maybe one day her own children will play under this tree planted in honor of their grandmother.
  • Another idea for someone who has lost a mother: write her a card pointing out specific ways you see her mother living on in her daughter. It is a wonderful way to honor both the daughter in mourning and her mother.

I would also like to add a final note for single mothers. This particular group are such heroes, and can easily be overlooked on days like Mother’s Day, especially if their children are not old enough to know that such a day exists. As you think about the way you would love for your own spouse/children to love on you this Mother’s Day, consider what ways you could let any single mothers in your life know what they are seen and appreciated. A simple card, or flowers, or a gift card for a pedicure could be a balm to their soul this Mother’s Day.


Now, to those of you who are mothers joyfully anticipating “their special day,” the truth is, Mother’s Day is about us, but it also isn’t about us. In theory, that fact that we have these little children to call us Mom is a gift enough and reason enough to be joyful and praise God. It is a day we get to simply sit in the blessing that the Lord allowed you to be a mother/have a mother. But I totally get it. You wipe butts all day and make countless meals and you just want this ONE DAY for someone to love on you and pamper you and tell you that you are Beyonce. You are the REAL Queen B and wish to be treated as such.

My best advice in my 3 short years of Mother’s Day is threefold. And I hope it doesn’t leave you discouraged. 

  1. Meet with God. Thank him for the gift of your kids and allow the joys of that reality to sink it. Hopefully, it will help give you a grateful rather than an entitled heart on the big day.
  2. TELL your spouse/significant other/child if there is something specific you would love to receive or experience. In talking with lots of friends, it appears as though most husbands actually love to receive some guidelines and it sets them up for success! Remember, they are not mind readers. They want to show you they love and care about you and you telling them the best ways to do that is helpful.
  3. Set the bar low. I know, this sounds harsh, but gosh it’s so true. Especially if you have little kids. Unfortunately, they live most of their lives believing that they are, in fact, Beyonce, and they don’t like the fact that you would try and take that from them. Even if just for one day.

OK, without further ado, here are some ideas (and many #ballinonabudget additions) for Mother’s Day. I am grouping them by the 5 love languages because it seemed fun. I also thought it might help you think about what would really bless you this Mother’s Day. Perhaps new pajamas seem nice, but what you really need is for someone to scrub your toilets (be that a professional cleaner or your twelve year old). Don’t know what the five love languages are? You can read about them HERE. I am writing this as if I was talking to your husband…


  • Buy a notebook/journal and write her a note in it; keep this journal and write her a note in it every Mother’s Day. Over the years this little book will be filled with amazing love notes and stories built over time. As your children get older, they can also contribute to the journal. Can you imagine being a mom whose children have all left the nest and you have this little book to look back and and read?! Makes me teary.
  • Dear Mushka Promise Pack scripture set


  • Schedule someone to come and clean the house (you can also clean it yourself for her, but if there is at all wiggle room in the budget, I highly suggest a professional for this task. They are so thorough and make your house sparkle!)
  • Get her car cleaned: there is nothing like a minivan rid of 6 month old french fries from between the seats and wiped clean of finger smudges! Moms tend to spend a LOT of time in the car and having this “second home” feel fresh and new can be a real treat.
  • Hang the ferns on the front porch! (see below)
  • A mosquito control service to come throughout the summer and spray the yard
  • Ask her what her top two house projects are she would like done and set aside time to do them
  • If you have a yard, perhaps replant some flowers
  • I stole this one from my friend Lindsay @theleangreenbean! For their anniversary, her husband started setting up the coffee pot every night for her. AMAZING if you ask me! So every early morning she wakes and hot coffee is in the pot ready and waiting.
  • A roomba! It’s like you’re vacuuming for her daily. Haha!

TO THE MOM WHO APPRECIATES RECEIVING GIFTS (**pampering gifts are under the physical touch category)

  • BIG HITTERS (aka not #ballinonabudget):
  • Electric tea kettle and a box of her favorite tea
  • Fiddle leaf fig (if you are a Charleston local, the selection at Abide-a-while is dreamy!)
  • Spotify subscription
  • Ferns for the front or back porch
  • Margarita mix, tequila, and a glass salter (this has quickly become my FAVORITE mix! It’s Powell and Mahoney; I get it at Whole Foods)


  • Plan a date and get a babysitter! **don’t ask your wife to get the sitter
  • A session with a photographer for professional family photos
  • If #ballinonabudget, plan a romantic evening for after the kids go to bed; ask her some thoughtful questions
  • Also #ballinonabudget: give her some quality time alone! Send her to a coffee shop with $10. Tell her to spend it on a “fancy latte” and a treat and to enjoy some quiet while you watch the kids. Try to give her at least 2 hours. The first hour she will simply try and shut her brain off, the second hour is when the true relaxation occurs.


  • Schedule a massage or manicure/pedicure; if at all possible, make a time for her to actually go and use it. Maybe say “this is for you to use next Saturday. I will watch the kids!”
  • Indian Healing Clay Mask (could just get the mask for $11 or a set that contains everything you need for $25. I suggest the set bc the mixing bowl and paintbrush are awesome)
  • An electric heat pad (this might sound strange but I have bought at least 7 of these as gifts for people. It is one of my favorite things of all time. Wonderful for the back while pregnant, the stomach for postpartum nursing cramps, and all around comfort in the winter. I turn mine on every night before I get into bed and it automatically shuts off after 2 hours.)

Those are just a few ideas I came up with over the last week. There are so many more amazing options out there! I would love to give a special shout out to “the Ninnies” (love you ladies!) for their amazing help with ideas for this post! Y’all are the best sounding board and Naptime Kitchen wouldn’t be what it is without you.


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