Wanted to do a quick post as I get asked a ton about my Vitamix! Going to quickly hit on a few questions in hopes that it is helpful to anyone debating getting one.

What model do you have? So, mine is 5 years old and it seems the names, etc. have changed. Mine is the Professional Series Culinary Institute Edition in grey. It came with a 64 oz. canister and for Christmas one year my dad (a vitamix lover) got me another 32 oz. ice blade canister. You totally don’t need 2 heads, so if you are debating get a larger canister.

This link will take you to the one I have.

  1. Is it really worth it? This is a super hard question to answer for another person. We use ours at least once if not multiple times a day. I LOVE it. If mine were to blow up tomorrow, I would be saving my pennies to replace it ASAP.
  2. How does it compare to other blenders? Before I had the vitamix I had a Ninja and hated it. I bought it since it was so much less expensive and actually gave it away eventually it drove me so crazy. I have never used a nutribullet but I know people love them! Personally, with the amount of greens I put in my smoothies, I want optimum pulverization (haha) and my ninja just never blended well enough to where the kale texture was completely gone.
  3. What would you recommend if i want to buy one? I would say, do some research. You can buy them certified refurbished and they still come with a warranty which is amazing. Many, many people have asked me this and what I usually say is make sure it has a speed dial in the middle (not just high to low switch, but an actual dial to turn up the speed) and that you get the desired canister you want (ounces, wide to fit under your counter, etc).
  4. Lastly, if you are on the fence, I would really recommend asking yourself if you think you would use it. For us, the cost per use at this point has to be less than a penny. I know some people buy one and it just sits, but I know others who have recently purchased and it has revolutionized their journey to health and wellness.

I hope this was helpful! This is 100% not sponsored…I just love the product and get asked about it a ton.