The Thermostat {part 2}

The Thermostat {part 2}

A few weeks back I talked about being a thermostat verses a thermometer and I thought I would give you two big ways I set the temperature in our home. These are both mostly for me. But that’s sort of the point, seeing as I’m the thermostat.


Before I go any further, I need you to know that I am not a naturally calm and relaxed person. I am actually pretty tightly wound, and oftentimes that comes out in ways I really wish it didn’t, usually against my children. I have yelled (not raised my voice, yelled!) at my children more times than I like to think about. That is why I need to actively find things that help to calm me down. Things that help me bring down my own temperature so I can then bring down the temperature in the house.


1. Music: I have found that I personally cannot listen to any music with words in the morning. There are already so many words being spoken at me, so instead I put on Piano Hymns on Spotify or lately, Christmas piano. All of these calm my heart and paint a melody of peace even when things are chaotic.






2. A candle: If we are staying home, I light a candle and wear cozy pants. The candle just signifies to me that we are staying put. It creates this cozy mood and makes the house feel like a haven. And the pants make it easier to play on the floor.


There are more, but these two seemed like a very practical, easy starting place. Hope you find them helpful. Have a lovely weekend, friends.