Pantry Staples

Pantry Staples

Good morning friends! I figure a lot of you probably do your grocery shopping early in the week so I wanted to share a few of my favorite things to buy in bulk and where I buy them. Also, anything that I can store in a jar or clear container I always do. I really do not like opening and closing bags! Storing in jars makes me use these wonderful ingredients more often and makes them much easier to see.

Here is the link for the plastic lids I use for just about everything and LOVE:



Now on to the products. From the left…

•organic flax seeds: I buy these in the bulk section at Whole Foods. If you have another grocery store that has them in bulk it might be less expensive but this is the best place I have found them
•cinnamon: so inexpensive at Costco!!
•steel cut oats: bulk section at Whole Foods
•old fashioned oats: big container at whatever big chain grocery I go to (usually Target)
• organic chia seeds: Costco! Huge bag •organic quinoa: again, Costco
• unsweetened flaked coconut: Trader Joe’s
• coconut oil: you guessed it, Costco
• honey: for FREE-ninety nine from my mom and aunt, who both keep bees
• more chia seeds just in a spice shaker so they are easy for putting on everything from yogurt to toast!
• brown rice: whatever big chain store I go to, and sometimes Trader Joe’s if I want brown basmati or jasmine

And disclaimer: I actually no longer have a Costco membership… But have a few friends I can ask to grab me something, or my mom will make a trip for me when she comes. Very thankful for that! Hopefully this is helpful for some of you. Happy shopping!