Coffee Maker Love

Coffee Maker Love

Why good morning everyone! For this installment of #thirstythursday I wanted to share one of my favorite things: my coffee maker. Here’s the thing…this coffee maker might cost slightly more than your average joe (get it? I’m so funny!)…but I think if you use my logic it pays for itself! We all know that fresh ground coffee tastes the absolute best, and when you buy your coffee ground by the time you get to the bottom of the bag it has sort of lost its magic.

Enter: the coffee maker with a built in grinder! This baby grinds my beans FRESH every morning. This also saves me money because it allows me to buy less expensive coffee, because even less expensive coffee, when freshly ground, tastes like fancy coffee (in my humble opinion).

I love coffee and drink 2 cups each morning. However, I also have the energy of a cocker spaniel puppy. Enter: my DIY half-caff! I just put half of each type of bean in the maker and voila!

Anyways, just wanted to share my JAVA JOY with you all. Oh, and this definitely isn’t an ad! My parents bought this baby fair and square for my birthday! That’s all I got. Love you a latte

UPDATED TO NOTE: this coffee maker is sort of loud in the morning, as it has to grind the beans before it brews. But I kind of like that…It’s my alarm clock. I can hear it go off and start grinding the beans and it woos me to wake up. Or, I simply grind the day before and then click the button for “turn off grind” and it will brew in the morning without the loud grinder first.