Do you fear leftovers? Afraid of mushy veggies? Gooey greens? 

Whenever possible, I try and reheat in the oven. Why? The dry heat helps re-crisp veggies and (in my opinion) makes for better leftovers. If I am leaving a restaurant and the sauce they used on my dish was really good I will ask for an extra side of it when they box up my food so that I can add it to the dish again later. Or I use one of my favorite sauces from home once it comes out of the oven ?

THE METHOD: place your leftovers in an oven safe dish (round cake pans are my favorite #ntkcakepanmeal ?) and put them directly into the cold oven. Preheat the oven to 300 or 350°. As the oven preheats, so do your leftovers! When it dings that the oven is ready your leftovers should be nice and hot (pictured is the Golden Buddha Bowl from @huriyali I ordered takeout and reheated at home; it was DELICIOUS!)

**if you fear your food drying out, cover with tin foil before sticking in the oven

In a pinch, I use the microwave. I have nothing at all against it. I think it’s a gift from God to moms, but prefer the oven whenever possible.

There’s also the stovetop. This is my least favorite method mostly because I am not a huge fan of sautéed veggies (I much prefer roasted) but if you like them this could be great!

Hope this was helpful. If you’ve got a question leave it below and I’ll do my best to answer tomorrow. Happy Sunday, friends!