Home Reno 2022: John Robert’s Room

Home Reno 2022: John Robert’s Room

I come to you today with part 2 of the Home Renovation Series! If you missed part 1, I explained that we added onto the back of our home at the beginning of the year. This gave a whole new Primary Suite for Nate and I and as a result, John Robert got to move into what was once our bedroom. Before this he had been sharing with his younger sisters and it was working well (if you’re curious about our experience with room sharing I wrote all about it in the February Newsletter which you can find in the archived newsletters) but we needed some extra room for our growing family. John Robert’s bedroom will also function as the guest room when we have friends in town. This space made the most sense to double as a guest room since there is a bathroom ensuite and JR won’t mind bunking with his sisters again for special occasions. 

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This is a caricature that was done of Nate’s dad in 1968. It looks just like John Robert!!!
These were Nate and my closets when this was our room. Crazy how small they feel now. But they served us well.


WALLS + CEILING: Borrowed Light from Farrow and Ball

TRIM: Mozart Blue in high gloss from Benjamin Moore



BED: West Elm Mid-Century wooden bed in a Queen

NIGHTSTANDS: Mid-Century Closed Nightstand in acorn 

MATTRESS: Engineered Sleep ES Beginnings 11″ Plush Ultra Hybrid (at the time of me writing this, I have a code for 15% off at Engineered Sleep! Code is “NAPTIME”)

COMFORTER: LaCrosse Down Blanket in Thyme

QUILT: Given to us by Nate’s aunt; it belonged to JR’s great-grandfather!

SHEETS: Nautica Cotton Sheet Set in Whitewood Sail

BOOKSHELF: This was Nate’s Grandfather’s bookshelf

BASKETBALL HOOP: Pop-a-shot double basketball hoops. 7th birthday present that continues to be a winner!

LIGHT: Clip on reading light. I like it has a bright setting and a sim setting. 

SOUND MACHINE: Dohm sound machine

CHAIR: Found this beauty on the side of the road like a thrifting queen

BLINDS: Classic Cordless Woven Wood Blinds in Golden Poppy. *Note: they do not block light well

RUG: West Elm Chess Rug. This is the latest addition which just recently came in so I don’t have pictures of it in place but it was worth the wait.

Lastly, the two pieces we have hanging have sentimental value and make me smile everytime I see them.  The caricature  above the chair is of Nate’s Dad done in 1968 but looks just like JR. So very special. 

Above the bed is a map of Charleston that everybody signed at our wedding. Because John Robert’s room functions as our guest room, I thought it would be fun for guests to see where they signed it if they were in attendance!



That’s everything! Stay tuned for part 3 detailing the girls’ bedroom!