ABLE X Naptime Kitchen Bag

ABLE X Naptime Kitchen Bag

My bag collection with Able was designed to solve two problems: constantly switching bags, and having a disorganized tote bag. The two bags working together makes me feel so organized!

Your new all-in-one bag(s)

A woman’s handbag is her third arm; her secret weapon; her sidekick. From diapers and wipes to a laptop and lipstick, it shoulders (no pun intended!) every item required to get her through the day.

Over the years, I often found myself switching between a bag that could hold all my things, to a simple crossbody for errands or a fun night out. The Naptime Kitchen collection solves this issue.

The crossbody lives inside of the tote, keeping you organized. Then, when it’s time to run errands or go out on the town, the crossbody transitions into the perfect piece to house your essentials. This bag checks all the boxes, and I am so thrilled to get to share it with you!


Get both the crossbody + tote for a special price.