The NTK Home Reset

The NTK Home Reset

The Home Reset will be back in June!

Last year I wrote a series of blog posts that outlined what I do to refresh our home a few times a year. I was shocked at the number of you wanting a realistic resource that didn’t involve a total house overhaul or $1,000 trip to the container store.

And so, the Naptime Kitchen Home Reset was born!

This course contains 13 audio files, which take you through 11 areas. Each audio file comes with a PDF checklist.

  1. Introduction
  2. Kitchen Part 1: Fridge/Freezer
  3. Kitchen Part 2: Pantry and Cabinets
  4. Bathrooms (this includes medicine cabinets and linens)
  5. Bedrooms and Closets
  6. Kids’ Clothes
  7. Kids’ Toys
  8. Laundry Room
  9. Living Room
  10. The Car
  11. Paper
  12. Your Mind
  13. Final Pep Talk 

This course was designed with respect for your time in mind! It’s an audio course so you could listen on the go, in the car, or as you work through the different areas in your home. 

As you listen to these episodes, my hope is that the PDF checklists work as a tool to help you get motivated to do the work. I have added additional lines at the bottom of each checklist for you to personalize them to your needs.

As a final send off before we begin, I want you to remember this during the entire process:

LET YOUR HOUSE SERVE YOU! You get to make your house what you need it to be.

Like you, it is unique and it has unique needs to meet.

Make it work for YOU, not against you. Let your house serve you.




I hope this intro gets you excited. I am THRILLED to get to help you refresh your homes!