NTK Slaw

NTK Slaw

This slaw is a major go-to for me. I love it because I can put dressing on it all at once and it won’t get all soggy. And guess what? It’s #whole30approved#paleo#glutenfree#dairyfree, and #sugarfree! I use it as a side dish or salad base for the whole week! Yesterday I had it with BBQ chicken. Today Nate had it as a side to his sandwich and I had it with a fried egg on top

To make: I buy the @traderjoeslist cruciferous mix then top it with shredded carrots and cashew bits (use any nut you want, or none at all…be free!)

**you can use any kale-type mix. Costco has an awesome one.

To make the dressing : 1/4 cup EVOO + 2 tbs lemon juice + garlic cloves (I buy the frozen cubes from TJ’s and use 2 of them, but use 1 if you want it less “garlicky”)

Mix the dressing then pour it over the slaw. Put the lid on your tupperware and give the entire thing a big ol’ shake shake shake

Store in the fridge and enjoy all week!