Smoothie Tips

Smoothie Tips

Happy Friday friends! This week I have gotten some of the sweetest messages from people trying my recipes. It truly brings so much JOY to my heart! Thank you all for your kindness, and for your faith in trying out my cooking!

To close out the week, I want give a few thoughts/tips pertaining to smoothies. I get asked a lot about how I make them, so hopefully this will be helpful.

1. First, let me just say…I have a pretty high tolerance for “bad” smoothies…I have made many in my day and usually drink them anyways. It takes some time and patience to find a combo you like. If you’re new to #greensmoothies, start out just adding a bit of greens, and build up your taste for them over time. Same with adding all the extra stuff. Start with just coconut oil, then maybe coconut oil and turmeric, and so on.

2. Protein powder covers a multitude of {blender} sins. For real tho! It makes it way easier to add things like greens.

3. Google is your friend. I google recipes all the time! It’s a great starting place for smoothie inspiration as well.

4. When in doubt {that your fruit or veggies will last}, stick them in the freezer. Before anything goes bad over here, I pop it in the freezer! Kale, spinach, bananas. Then, it’s perfect for smoothies.

5. It’s all about THAT BASE: we almost always use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I like it best because it makes the smoothie less acidic and adds some good calcium. I personally can’t tolerate a smoothie made with juice (again, the acidity makes me feel sick), but if you can feel free to go for it! When you don’t have either, water is totally fine, especially if your smoothie is going to have something like Greek yogurt, a banana, or avocado in it.

6. All blenders are NOT created equal. I am so sorry to say that, but they aren’t. However, don’t go out and get a nice blender until your sure you’ll use it!

7. Add a healthy fat! Coconut oil or avocado are my go-tos.

8. Dates make a great sweetener.

9. For kids, give them fun names! A green smoothie called “The Hulk” is cool.

10. Like most things, don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!

That’s all the tips I can fit into one caption. Hope something helps!