my top five beautycounter skincare products

my top five beautycounter skincare products

Hello all! This is a question I get asked almost daily:

If you had to choose only one or two Beautycounter products,

what would they be?

Such a great question! I decided to write a blog post so you could have a reference point to come back to on this. Before I dive in, please know that my top 5 might not be the same top 5 that would be good for you. But I bet one or two of them might be! I will do most best to explain why I love the product and hope that the explanations brings some clarity as to wether it would be good for your skin. 

Remember, much like I said in my skincare blog post

It should also be known that while I know how you treat your skin matters, so does what you eat. You know what matters more than both of those things? YOUR HORMONES. And you know what is really hard to control? HORMONES. Genetics matter too, which I have heard are fairly hard to change. And you know what else matters? SLEEP. And if you are reading this as a parent with young kids, you know sleep is about as easy to control as your hormones. 

While I hope these products help and wow you, I also hope that you give your skin lots of grace. It’s dealing with a lot!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Counter+ Cleansing Balm

I just started using this product in January (2020) and HOLY COW I cannot say enough good things. It has done wonders for my skin. More than anything it has calmed my skin. Plus, it smells heavenly.  It is highly nourishing and at the same time cleans my skin better than anything else I have ever used. How do I know? For years, after washing my face I have always used the Thayer’s Toner on a cotton round. There would inevitably be some makeup found on the cotton round after using the toner. You know, just residue that my face wash left behind. Well, since using the cleansing balm, there is not a fleck of dirt or makeup to be found on the cotton pad! 

The way it works: you rub the cleansing balm into your face thoroughly, really massaging it in there. Then, you remove it with a wet wash cloth. The reason this is so effective is because you are able to thoroughly was your face with something that is extremely gentle but effective, and then the wash cloth does an excellent job of removing it. The balm “captures” all of the grime while at the same time nourishing your skin, then you wipe it off and take all of the gunk with it. 

BONUS: the balm can also be used as an overnight mask when your skin is feeling especially dry/needs so love. Just apply it after you’ve done your whole routine, on top of any oils or serums, to lock in moisture. 

*I use this product first, as my face wash.


Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This is the OG product that really got my hooked on Beautycounter. I have used it for over two years now and am addicted to how lovely it makes my skin look and feel. The peel is applied at night and you don’t have to wait around to wash it off! It feels a little tingly when I apply it (which I love) and washes off with water in the morning. Long before I became a consultant, this was the main product I continued to buy regardless of the price tag. And if the price turns you off, it really does last a long time. I use one pump every other night (in conjunction with the countertime serum on the other nights) and a jar lasts me six months. 

I wake up with skin that truly (I am not lying) feels softer and brighter. I have yet to talk to someone who has tried this product and not liked it.

*I use this product every other night after my toner. I simply pump one pump into my palm and rub it onto my face. Once it has dried, I follow up with a face oil. 

**At the time I am writing this, the peel is the band of beauty FREE GIFT! Note: the peel is travel size, slightly smaller, but still a good size. It is a $45 value. Band of Beauty costs $29/year and gets you:

  • free shipping on every order over $100 
  • 10% back in product credit
  • a free gift (this time being the peel, $45 value)
  • has ZERO subscriptions or auto-ships required


Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum

I have just added this product in the last month and so far have loved it! It is part of the BC age-reversal line, which uses their plant-derived Retinatural Complex to firm and brighten the skin. Basically, think Retin-A, but safer. The best part about this for me is that it’s safe while pregnant and nursing! So many products are not, and when you are in those early motherhood years you need quality products that are actually safe to use!

*I use this product every other night (opposite nights of the peel) after my toner. I simply pump one pump into my palm and rub it onto my face. Once it has dried, I follow up with a face oil. 



#1 Brightening Facial Oil // #3 Balancing Facial Oil 

I started using face oils around three years ago and have never looked back. Allow me to explain why:

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but face oils actually help your skin to be LESS oily. By putting high quality oils on your skin that penetrate deeply into your pores, your skin feels nourished. When your skin feels nourished, it doesn’t see a need to produce as much oil. When the face feels dry, the sebaceous glands make too much sebum. Sebum is a good thing that protects and hydrates the skin, but too much of a good thing (you know how the saying goes…) leads to clogged pores and acne. So many people try and cure acne with drying products that dry the skin so much all it does is produce more oil! At some point, you have to add in a moisturizer. For me, those are face oils. 

The Beautycounter face oils are super high quality oils that go to work deep in the skin to moisturize and protect it, without clogging your pores. My personal favorites are the Brightening Oil (I use this one in the mornings) and the Balancing Oil (I use this one in the evenings, and also apply it directly to pimple and acne scars).

Basically, since using face oils, my skin is the least oily it has ever been. My skin feels softer and appears brighter. It’s calmer, without the nagging dry spots. They have been a major win!

*I use these every morning and night. In the morning, after my toner. I usually follow it up with Dew Skin as my foundation and call it done. In the evening, I use these after the serum/peel. In the super dry winter months I would use a cream on top too, or the cleansing balm as a face mask. 



Charcoal Face Mask 

While my favorite face mask remains the Aztec clay mask, this Beautycounter mask is a close second, and way more convenient when I am tired and just need a solid, effective, purifying mask. There is no mixing required and it does a fabulous job of pulling junk out of my pores. I have got some large pores, so anything that can clean them and help minimize them in under 15 minutes is a winner! I tend to steer clear of this mask in the coldest days of winter, as I struggle with feeling overly dry, but run to this baby 9 months out of the year here in hot and humid Charleston!

I simply wash my face then apply the mask, let it sit on my skin till it dries (about then minutes) and remove with a lukewarm washcloth. I then apply the peel or serum, then my face oil. 

*I use this 1x weekly, after washing my face. I follow it up with the serum/peel and face oil. 


Alrighty everyone! Those are my top 5 so far! I am about to try the Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream and want to try the Countertime Supreme Cream this winter. Also, rumor has it they are coming out with an All Bright C Serum I cannot wait to get my hands on! I will keep you posted. If you have any questions please always feel free to email me! I try and check it daily and would love to help in any ways I can.


I am closing this photo with a quick picture I just took in Nate’s office (where I am writing this). NO filters or edits of any kind. A little dew skin (I wear shade #2), concealer on a healing chin pimple, and bronzer (I wear dune) on my cheeks this morning, but that’s it! Yes, I still get breakouts (usually around my chin area, which points to hormones), but all in all I am so pleased with the state of my skin. It’s calm and bright and I am treating it like an old friend, with lots of care and grace, and less anger and picking, remembering it’s just skin. I will do my very best to treat it well, but even the skin I live in isn’t ultimate. I’ll try and prevent the wrinkles, while at the same time welcoming them as they come. Aging is really just the sign of a life well lived.