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Cold Brew: a how-to

Cold Brew: a how-to

I am so thrilled to be able to get this recipe and how-to out to you all! I tried to include lots of pictures for the visual learners and will post a recipe recap at the end for those that want just the quick recipe. Read it in full and if you still have questions feel free to comment


  1. COARSE ground coffee of choice
    • you want it coarse because of the long steep time; it’s harder to find already ground COARSE ground so I use the coffee grinder at the store and set it to coarse)
    • If you can’t find coarse ground, consider shortening the steep time
    • I use decaf because I don’t need the extra caffeine; I’m hyper enough as it is!
  2. 1 gallon mason jar (you could invest in a mason jar with a spout, or a 2 quart pitcher like the one I use from Ellie’s Best)
  3. nut milk bag (I use this one from Ellie’s Best and I LOVE it) or other fine mesh bag
  4. 1 cup measuring cup

STEP ONE: Pour 3 cups of coffee into the mesh bag. You do not need to put the bag over the mason jar to do this, I just did so in order to demonstrate it and also get a picture. **Also, you don’t necessarily have to measure 3 cups. I usually just pour half the canister and save the second half for the next time I make it. A canister holds approximately 6 cups of ground coffee.

STEP TWO: Tie off your mesh bag and place it in your mason jar.

STEP THREE: Fill the mason jar to the top with room temperature water. Give the mesh bag a little shake around then cover with the jar lid, or a paper towel secured with a rubberband. *It’s totally ok if the string of the mesh bag is in the water too; it won’t hurt the bags at all.

STEP FOUR: Allow to sit on the counter for approx. 24 hours (totally ok if it’s a few less or a few more)

STEP FIVE: After 24 hours, come back, give the mesh bag a finally little shake around in the water, then pull it out and squeeze it to get out all the coffee goodness.

STEP SIX: Consider keeping the grounds to re-brew for ice cubes (see below)

STEP SEVEN: Using a funnel if you need it (mine came in a 3 pack from the dollar store!), fill your desired containers. **You could skip then entire step by investing in a mason jar with a spicket like I mentioned in step 1. In this case you would just remove the mesh bag and stick the entire gallon jug in the fridge for easy pouring whenever you want a cup)

STEP EIGHT (**optional) COLD BREW ICE CUBES: place the mesh bag with the used grinds back into the mason jar and fill halfway with water. Allow this to steep on the counter for an additional 24 hours. This coffee will not be as strong, but is PERFECT for making cold brew ice cubes! They keep your brew nice and frosty without watering it down. I simply pour this less strong coffee into an ice cube tray and make the cubes just like you would regular ice.

STEP NINE…MAKING THE PERFECT CUP: Pour some of your cold brew into a mason jar then grab out your old brew cubes. Finish off with a splash of half&half, almond milk, or any other liquid of your choosing. Sweeten with sugar or maple syrup if you like.

Stick in a fun straw, stir, and ENJOY! You. are. so. FANCY!


  1. You can experiment with your grounds to water ratio and brew times! I know some people use less grinds and allow it to steep longer in order to save on coffee beans.
  2. I have found this lasts a good for two weeks. We usually just run out before that point and need to make more! I would just experiment and take note if you think it starts to taste old.


  • 1 gallon mason jar
  • 3 cups course ground coffee into a mesh bag
  • fill to top with water
  • let brew on the counter for approx. 24 hours
  • come back, pull out the mesh bag, and there’s your cold brew!
  • stick it in the fridge and enjoy for up to 2 weeks