WILW: summer part 1

WILW: summer part 1

Hello everyone! We are currently on “vacation”, so it seemed like a perfect time to highlight a few travel items I am loving. Going to hammer them out for you now:

First up, this travel pitcher. I don’t really know if it is technically meant for travel but it is air-tight and plastic and slim so it fits in a fridge door. I usually use mine for storing homemade cold brew at home but made a batch of the daily green to bring on this trip. My vitamix is 64 oz. and so is this pitcher! I have a feeling when the smoothie is gone we will fill it with some other adult beverages 😉

Next up, my LL Bean Toiletry bag. One of my besties, Lisa, always had one of these and they are truly just SO PRACTICAL. It holds a ton and hangs from any towel bar. I asked for it for Christmas and have been highly impressed with it. I like how everything stands up and theres a ton of compartments. I have the medium size.

Third, you’ve already seen me rave about it in my stories, but this KidCo pop-up activity center is amazing! I first saw my friend Abbey @gentleleading posted her youngest in one and I am so glad we purchased one. Folds super small, comes with a carrying bag, and has been perfect both in the condo and on the beach.

On the topic of kids, we have been using the OK to Wake clock for some time now and decided it would be wise to bring it on vacation. WINNER, WINNER!!! Instead of waking at the crack of dawn like they usually would, the kid’s are still waiting for it to turn green. Hallelujah!

Lastly, a few weeks back Lara Casey and the Cultivate What Matters Team kindly sent me an amazingly thoughtful care package. One of the items in it was their Write the Word Journals. Y’all! I am one week into “Cultivate Gratitude” and I have loved this super easy way to stay in God’s word in a busy season of life. I love that I actually get to write the Scripture and have actually pulled out my Study Bible to dive deeper into certain passages. Some days I have an hour to give, other days I have 5 minutes, but either way I am loving these journals. You will probably see them in my stories a few times this summer because they seem like the perfect, portable way to stay in God’s word while traveling. *Bonus, the pages are high quality so my pens don’t show, and they lay flat which is a must if you are a lefty like me.*

That’s all I’ve got this week! Back to “vacation” with 10 friends and 10 kids all under the age of 4, ha!


Above are my favorite products that I have and use often. Some of these products are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase. So if you do happen to purchase an item, thank you in advance!

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