Two surprising toast combos that are rocking my summer!

Two surprising toast combos that are rocking my summer!

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to tell you all about two toast combos that are rocking my summer! The first many of you have seen me talk about on my instagram. Lots of you were skeptical, but slowly and surely toast eaters all across the US are converting!

COMBO #1: TOAST WITH BUTTER, CINNAMON SUGAR, AND SCRAMBLED EGGS w/ S&P (optional but highly suggested: throw some bacon on there in between the cinnamon sugar and the eggs)

Now this first combo was discovered one day where I was eating the toast and had bacon and eggs on my plate as well. I realized how amazing the bacon tasted with little bits of cinnamon sugar on it (like a sweet, candied bacon but not too sugary). I decided to throw the eggs and bacon on the toast like an open faced breakfast sandwich and OH MY WORD it was amazing. The sweetness of the cinnamon sugar with the slightly eggs…well, it just works. I have been doing this toast sans bacon ever since and do my best to add bacon on the weekends.


The plate that started it all!!!



  1. whisk 2 eggs in a bowl with a splash of whole milk, adding a pinch of salt and pepper
  2. add 1 tbs coconut oil to a skillet and heat till the oil is melted and covering the pan
  3. add the eggs and cook over low heat, using a spatula to stir them continually
  4. while the eggs are cooking, pop a piece of toast in the toaster (I prefer Daves Killer Bread, which I buy in a 2-pack from Costco and keep the extra loaf in the freezer till I need it)
  5. once the eggs are almost cooked, turn off the burner and allow them to sit in the hot pan; they will continue to cook
  6. once your bread is toasted, grab some kerrygold butter* (you don’t have to use this kind but it’s amazing) and slather some on your toast
  7. sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on next (I use this one, but you can use any you like)
  8. put the cooked bacon (if you are using it) on the toast next, then add the scrambled eggs
  9. sprinkle a tiny bit of fresh cracked pepper and salt on top, then ENJOY!

*I keep my butter in a dish like this on the counter so it remains soft

**I should note here: the cinnamon sugar is really not super sweet. It adds just the right amount of sweetness but doesn’t make you feel like you are having dessert.


COMBO #2: TOAST WITH BUTTER, CINNAMON SUGAR, AND PEANUT BUTTER (optional: banana, honey, chis seeds and hemp hearts)



This combo came about at the suggestion of multiple followers. After getting so many responses to the combo #1 above, many of you messaged me saying it sounds weird, but peanut butter and butter are actually amazing. Well, you are right! Gosh it’s good. 


  1. stick a piece of bread in the toaster
  2. once toasted, grab your butter and slather a thin layer on
  3. sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
  4. top with your peanut butter of choice (my FAV is Trader Joe’s crunchy natural but we also use Whole Foods 365 brand crunchy natural)
  5. optional but highly suggested: add sliced banana, a drizzle of honey, chia seeds and hemp seeds (I buy both from Costco but they are also a great price at Trader Joe’s)*

*I use chia seeds for a little added fiber and omega-3s. I use hemp seeds for their added protein, fiber, and vitamin E. A quick google search will give you the full run down of both!

In conclusion: I am realizing how much I like having a little butter at breakfast. I really think that the added fats have helped keep me satiated and more than anything a little goes a long way but adds major comfort and enjoyment.