The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Freezing

The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Freezing

It’s here!!! I made a thing! My first ever teach-you-something-that-you-can-actually-download-and-print-guide!

The Naptime Kitchen Freezer Guide

This project has been such a labor of love, and I am so happy to get it onto your screen and into your hands. .
In this e-book you will learn the proper processes for how to freeze, defrost, and reheat everything from seafood to smoothie ingredients. Casseroles to cornbread. Pesto to “soup pots.”

While this e-book does contain links to some of my favorite freezer-friendly recipes, it is not a cookbook. This guide is meant to teach you how to successfully freeze many of the meals and ingredients you already use and love. In a sense, rather than give you a fish (a few freezer recipes), it is meant to TEACH you to fish (learn how to freeze all the recipes you already cook and enjoy).

It’s $12 and I hope it gives you way more than that in return as you learn how to utilize your freezer to better save both food and money. Happy Freezing!


2 thoughts on “The Naptime Kitchen Guide to Freezing”

  • Kate, this guide is AWESOME!!!! So many great things to think about in terms of how to use our freezer space better and what/when/how to freeze everything. Thank you so much for providing this guide! I definitely don’t come from a family of freezer people and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your inter-generational wisdom with all of your internet friends!

    • Molly, not sure how I missed this but thank you so much! your words are so kind and mean a lot to me!

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