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These are simple PDFs I have made over the years to help in certain areas of our house. They are yours free to print. Hope they help you!

Daily Responsibilities ChartS

A Back to School Prayer For The Anxious Parent

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Proverbs Printables & wall papers

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It’s that time of year again…the newness of the school year has worn off and it’s #Thursday: I had a wise friend tell me that one day my kids would come home from school and begin to melt down for no reason at all. The mere suggestion they take their lunchbox out of the book bag […]

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Over the summer I took the kids shoe shopping and it was one of the most visceral feelings I have had of missing my grandfather since he passed away last September. I got in the car upon leaving and sat in the parking lot and cried.   My grandfather always had an appreciation for well-made […]

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  Half the time siblings fight like cats and dogs and you’re playing constant referee, so when things like this happen, you just gotta write them down.                                               Last week John Robert wanted […]

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Allow me to share some of the most practical marriage advice I have received: I remember reading a post years ago from one of my favorite instagram follows (@thegraygang) that has stuck with me ever since. Tiffany shared that she and her husband had a standing date night every November 1st. Why that date? It […]

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If I can offer you one small piece of advice: if at all possible, make the effort to see the people you love. You’ll travel for hours. But then you’ll pull up to your friends house and you’ll walk in and there’s pasta and bread and salad and wine and you squeeze her fourth baby […]

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Back in March, after the younger two were tucked into bed, the big kids asked if they could stay up past bedtime and have some tea with me.   We dipped cinnamon graham crackers into steamy mugs with lots of honey, and sat just talking and enjoying each other. It was during this time I […]

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