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These are simple PDFs I have made over the years to help in certain areas of our house. They are yours free to print. Hope they help you!

Daily Responsibilities ChartS

A Back to School Prayer For The Anxious Parent

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Proverbs Printables & wall papers

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12 gifts of christmas

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We had two sets of friends come to town last weekend, one staying with us and the other at an Airbnb close by. The temperature dropped drastically Friday night and by Saturday it was cold and raining. Our house became the hangout spot for the weekend. At one point, every single surface had stuff on […]

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I turn 35 today, and this is the biggest thing I’ve been muddling over: For most of my late twenties and early thirties I was bringing our four children into the world. While they (and Nate) are still my number one priority and use of time, the role is changing. I am not pregnant or […]

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When you’re eight years old and the team you’ve watched every regular season game for makes the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and your dad splurges for tickets and you think it’s all for you but really it’s a lot for him because this is something he would have done with his own […]

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#SHOWERINTHEDARK Allow me to make a case for why showering in a dark bathroom is life changing. We are around so much stimuli all day long. Screens and schedules and news and notifications and kids and the list goes on and on. We need a break, but a trip to the spa isn’t in the […]

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It’s that time of year again…the newness of the school year has worn off and it’s #Thursday: I had a wise friend tell me that one day my kids would come home from school and begin to melt down for no reason at all. The mere suggestion they take their lunchbox out of the book bag […]

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Over the summer I took the kids shoe shopping and it was one of the most visceral feelings I have had of missing my grandfather since he passed away last September. I got in the car upon leaving and sat in the parking lot and cried.   My grandfather always had an appreciation for well-made […]

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