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In January of 2016, I found myself inside our tiny rental with a six-month-old who napped twice a day. Quite frankly, I was bored. In an effort to channel the boredom, I started experimenting in the kitchen, making meals while the baby slept. And in this monotonous “napped trapped” season, Naptime Kitchen was born. While the baby slept, I cooked.

When I began sharing small cooking tips, time-saving ideas, and home hacks online—most of which my own mom taught me—I quickly realized that although these things were second nature to me, many people had never heard of them. Whether I was offering ideas for quick and easy weekly meal plans, strategies for organizing the playroom, or a simple encouragement for struggling new moms, I quickly grew a passion for sharing what I was personally learning.

As my own family continued to grow, I cooked a bit less and started to write more. From the mundane moments to deeper reflections on my own upbringing, I found that writing not only helped to ground me, it also allowed me to process the day-to-day challenges of being a mom. What shocked me the most was how much other people resonated with my words.

Fast forward eight years, and Naptime Kitchen is still going strong. With loads of dry shampoo, four kids, and a rambunctious household, I hope to show a side of social media we all desperately want: the normal side.

Whether it's a recipe, kitchen tip, home hack, or bit of perspective, I am so glad you're here and hope you stay a while! I hope to bring some laughter and joy into what can often be the mundane, overwhelming task of feeding your family and keeping a home. I seek to make meals that are budget friendly and relatively easy, and inspire you to create a home that serves you. A home you and your family can rest in and call your own.

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While not everyone here shares the same beliefs (something I love and welcome in this space), I gotta say love it when two holidays that feel in juxtaposition land on the same day. Valentine’s with its festive pink and indulgence and candy. And Ash Wednesday, with its subdued grey and fasting and repentance. During Lent, […]

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This weekend I went and bought heavier weights for my morning workouts. Let me tell you what, it is incredible how much harder the exact same workouts are when the weight you carry is heavier. Sets that felt easy before I can now barely make it through. The workout didn’t change, but the load did. […]

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Every year we have a “Naptime Kitchen Christmas Party” and since Jess and Ella don’t live here it’s basically Nate and I going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. We look back on the last year and we dream for the year ahead. This year we had the reservation booked a good month in […]

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Something decorating for Christmas is teaching me about my home: tiny corners can bring a lot of joy. I have a few areas decorated for Christmas and those few areas make me so happy when I pass them. And the more I think on it: that can be true for my whole home, and not […]

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We had two sets of friends come to town last weekend, one staying with us and the other at an Airbnb close by. The temperature dropped drastically Friday night and by Saturday it was cold and raining. Our house became the hangout spot for the weekend. At one point, every single surface had stuff on […]

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I turn 35 today, and this is the biggest thing I’ve been muddling over: For most of my late twenties and early thirties I was bringing our four children into the world. While they (and Nate) are still my number one priority and use of time, the role is changing. I am not pregnant or […]

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