48 hours of eating in Savannah!

48 hours of eating in Savannah!

Nate and I went to Savannah last weekend and let me tell you what we just LOVED it. The wide streets, the walkway along the river, the ability to stroll around with a beer…it was all so fun. I thought I would share where we ate in case you find yourself there. I didn’t take a ton of photos but have a few for you. I will say, I am writing this post in October 2020, aka COVID times. So many places provided outdoor seating and I wonder if during non-covid times there would be the same amount of lovely tables set outside. I sure hope so!

Also, I could not go on without first giving a major shoutout to Meredith Hruda,

who pointed us towards so many of these delicious places!



This was the perfect opening meal and the only reservation we had for the entire weekend. A dim lit Italian restaurant located downtown with warm bread and good drinks: BLISS. Nate got the spaghetti, I got the lasagna, and we split a caesar. All so good and comforting. Also a really good Old Fashioned. 


Early morning coffee: Savannah Coffee Roasters

This place was located near our AirBnB and did a great cup of coffee. 

BREAKFAST: Goose Feathers Cafe

-This place was fast and delicious. You order from the counter and they bring you your food, much like a Panera. I got the breakfast croissant with bacon, egg, and cheese. Nate got the breakfast burrito and it was huge!

LUNCH: Coco and Moss

-This was Nate’s favorite meal! Giant healthy salads, sushi, and pok√© bowls. I got the Missy Miso Chicken Salad that came with a delicious ginger dressing. Nate got the Spicy Ahi Salad and I think he won for best order. We ordered drinks to go and their Moscow Mule was delicious. 

DINNER: The Lost Square Rooftop Bar at the Alida Hotel

-We chanced upon this amazing bar that had the best Old Fashioned of the weekend. This place had lots of couches and an amazing view of Savannah. I ordered the Rhett Burger and the only negative was that it came with chips instead of fries. But the views and drinks more than made up for this small shortcoming. The service was amazing and really the only negative was watching Penn State lose in overtime to Indiana. 


Early morning coffee: Savannah Coffee Roasters

BREAKFAST: Collins Quarter at Forsyth Park

While this was actually my least favorite meal (my own fault; I ordered poorly), it had the best atmosphere! Forsyth park is so lovely and we walked around drinking our coffee taking in all the old houses. Walking around the park might have been the best part of the weekend for me. Collins Quarter is such a cool restaurant with tons of outdoor seating. Since it is actually located in the park, it’s super easy to take kids and have them run around and play. There is even a giant playground right by the restaurant. If we had taken the kids, this would have been a huge bonus for us. 

Sadly, I ordered the Pork Belly Benedict and found out quickly that I do not enjoy pork belly. I took it off and basically had eggs on toast. Nate, however, ordered the Bacon and Egg Roll (which, despite the confusing name, is simply an egg sandwich) and loved it. That is what I should have ordered. You can’t go wrong with a good breakfast sandwich. 

Here’s a final few places Meredith recommended we didn’t have time to check out:

-Chive for good drinks and nice meal. Same owner as Current and Coco & Moss. We passed by this place and it looked delicious.

-Treylor Park or Hitch for casual meal. Both have the same owner.

-B Matthews for good brunch. Located Downtown

-Black Rabbit for lunch sandwiches and salads

-Arches Bar at the Olde Pink House (or having dinner here)

-Mrs. Wilkes if you want some classic southern food (only open for lunch)

And there you have it. A quick trip to Savannah and all the places we ate. I hope this is helpful should you plan a trip to Savannah!

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