WILW: fresh summer kitchen tools

WILW: fresh summer kitchen tools

Hello and Happy WILW!

This week, I am listing out a few kitchen tools that help you get the most out of fresh herbs, greens, and citrus. I know there are a million tools out there nowadays for spiralizing and juicing and everything in between. I am going to keep it simple and share a few tiny tools that take up little space and don’t break the bank. But I am also going to encourage you to invest in a quality chef’s knife!

I am going to jump right into the post; here you go!

  1. a microplane: this thing is amazing for zesting fresh citrus or grating parm into a summertime pasta. You can also use it to grate fresh ginger for a smoothie!

2. a kale/herb destemmer: this is one of those tiny tools you don’t “have to have” but gosh it makes the kale process go so much faster! I really do love how small it is.

3. a salad spinner: since I have been getting more greens from the Farmer’s Market that need some rinsing, I have invested in one of these and it makes such a difference for washing greens! And I end up wasting way less paper towels trying to dry the lettuce. I love that the one I linked is stainless steel but they also have great less expensive plastic versions.

4. a quality chef’s knife: trust me. if you are going to be chopping fresh herbs, slicing watermelon and cantaloupe, and chopping all the summer squash, you WANT a good knife (and a knife honer). There is nothing worse than having a ton of fresh, gorgeous produce and hacking away at it with a sub-par knife. And remember, if you invest in a good one and take good care of it, it will last you forever! I love Wusthoff and Cutco.


5. Jarware mason jar citrus juicer: I have actually shared this little thing on a WILW before but it made sense to share it again here given the theme. I love how small it is and how it fits on a wide mouth mason jar. It’s perfect for making a quick salad dressing right in the jar or being able to measure the amount of juice you are getting since mason jars have measurement marks on the side. Again, its inexpensive and takes up little space. Win, win! They now make it in stainless steel as well.

Again, nothing too flashy or complicated, just a few tools to help you get the most out of your summer produce 🙂

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool for fruits and veggies? I would love to hear about it!


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