while the babies sleep, i cook


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waffle maker

measuring cups and spoons

I did a lot of research for these! They are great quality, the steel is engraved clearly, and they have multiple measurements.

Set of mesh strainers

8.5 ounce salad dressing jars

jarware oil cruet lid

jarware honey dipper

jarware drink lid

jarware scoop

Teavana Tea Maker

Love this thing! Perfect if you enjoy loose leaf tea. Comes in lots of colors.

Jar Jackets

The make your mason jars easier to hold and less likely to shatter! Also you can hold a hot beverage. Finally!!

quart freezer containers

These are what I use for chicken stock, soups, spaghetti sauce, etc.

small colander

Perfect for washing fruit and straining small batches of pasta.


I just love this strainer. And the color is so fun!

colander spoon

Stainless Steel straws

Perfect plastic-free alternative!

Pampered chef microwave steamer

This is the microwave steamer I use for all my frozen broccoli, raw zucchini, etc. It's awesome!

immersion blender and mini food processor

This is what I use for big batches of soups. The food processor is great for making homemade salad dressings.

Big baker’s sheet

Heavy duty, nonstick, and perfect when you want to bake a lot of cookies at once. Also love this size for roasting lots of veggies at once.

glass water bottles with silicone (set of 4)

These might be a better option for you if you are prone to dropping things or have little people hands constantly grabbing for your bottle. Still a great price and made by the same company as the others!

Glass water bottles (set of 6)

LOVE these! We use them daily. They are so portable and I don't have to worry about mold or getting too hot in the car. I prefer these to steel just because I can see the liquid.

8 oz. glass spray bottles (2 pack)

I use one of these for a giant homemade bug spray and the other for my thieves cleaner. Eventually I think I want a 16 oz. for the cleaner but I had this one at home already and it works fab!


Same as the larger one I linked, but mini! These are perfect for teeny tiny quiches or, again, PB cups. YUM!

PB cup mold

This mold is super sturdy and perfect for making homemade PB cups. They pop out super easily too!

Silicone Muffin Pans

I love these for my PB swirly cups!


Same as the others, but wide mouthed! Such an amazing price.

Glass Storage Containers

These are a must for anyone serious about leftovers. Make sure you get some that are oven-safe like these and I prefer the lid to lock on for when you are on the go.


Use this for zesting and making the most heavenly, snowflake parmesan cheese!

Wusthof Honing Steel

If you are about your knives, invest in one of these! They are super affordable and I use mine weekly to keep my chef's knife extra sharp.

Wusthof Chef’s Knife

I am a huge fan of both Cutco and Wusthof knives. Unfortunately, Cutco are harder to come by and Wusthoff are top notch knives. YOU NEED A GOOD CHEF'S KNIFE!

2 Quart Pitcher

This is the pitcher I use for my cold brew. It is plastic which I don't love (though it is BPA free!), but everything about it is top notch! Love the size, that it fits in the door of my fridge, and that it can seal completely.

Ellie’s Best Bags

These are the bags I use when I make my cold brew and my almond milk. They are amazing! Hold up great and high quality.

Lodge Cast Iron

This is wonderful for cooking meat. It transfers to the oven, gets super hot, is a fabulous price point, and makes me feel like the Pioneer Woman!

Rice Steamer

You'll never cook rice on the stovetop again! Set it and forget it. Amen.

Favorite Coffee Maker

This is the coffee maker I love so much I wrote a whole post about it! I love that it grinds the beans each morning, making the freshest cup of coffee ever. Mmm!

Plastic Mason Jar Lids

These are the mason jar lids I love! They are leakproof and a 24 pack is plenty. I store most of our bulk items in mason jars, but hate the 2-part lid so these are perfect!

Calphalon 5 Qt. Pan

This, along with a 6 Qt. All-Clad Nonstick Pan are my go-to's for all things big pasta dishes! This one is nonstick and the price point is amazing.

All-Clad 10″ Fry Pan

This is my new 10" stainless steel pan. The quality is amazing and I love that it has a lid!

6 Qt. Crock Pot

This is the Crock Pot I use and love. It works great, doesn't break the bank, and holds the 8-cup pyrex for my overnight steel cut oats. I love it!

All-Clad 1.5 Qt. Sauce Pan

Never would have thought my sauce pan mattered. Oh my word, it does. This one is deep and pretty and I love it!


This is the Vitamix I have. I love it! The canister is 64 oz. which i highly suggest for bulk batch smoothies/soups.



Herbal Complexion Stick

This is what I use on pimples.

my evening face oil

This has a distinct smell but I love it and find it really soothing/refreshing. Appreciate the pump in the top for the oil. Makes it easy, you waste less, and not messy at all.

foaming cleanser

A summertime favorite in this hot, humid climate. Light weight and cleans super well!

4 oz. glass bottles (6 pack)

Another option for the homemade bug spray.

8 oz. glass spray bottles (2 pack)

I use one of these for a giant homemade bug spray and the other for my thieves cleaner. Eventually I think I want a 16 oz. for the cleaner but I had this one at home already and it works fab!

2 oz. glass bottles (6 pack)

I use these for my homemade bug spray and keep them everywhere!

Beautycounter Liquid Foundation

Love this and the company has a great mission statement. If you know a consultant, I highly suggest ordering through them instead of just using the link below. However, if you want to see the product, here it is! I wear "sand."

Thayers Toner

Love how this makes my skin feel so clean and doesn't dry it out!

Cleansing Cream

Love this for when my face feels dry. Super mild and soothing. This is the new look of their sensitive face wash.

Dr. Bronners Soap (Peppermint)

This soap is so refreshing and very, very clean ingredients! I love using this in the summertime for my body and even my face! Aside from getting it for a great price at Trader Joe's, this six pack on Amazon is an amazing value.

My Face Sunscreen

I started using this after a fellow instagram account I love, @LeeFromAmerica posted about it. I really do love it. Super clean ingredients and I love how it feels on my face.

Favorite DEEP CLEAN Shampoo

I cannot say enough about how much I love this shampoo. It lasts a long time and really makes my hair feel squeaky clean. The ThinkDirty rating isn't as awesome (a 7) due to "fragrance" being on the ingredients label without actual fragrances listed.

Morning Face Oil

Love the smell, love the way it feels, love the price...just love it all! You can also find it at Target, but it's just too easy to order off of amazon.

Indian Healing Clay Mask

I bought into the hype surrounding this mask, and I have to tell you, I LOVE it! It works, it really does pulse!! Also, it's a TON of mask for under $10. This baby is going to last me a long time. Totally worth the money.


convertible car seat

Infant car seat

tree saver straps for the swing

our favorite backyard swing!

the BEST baby shoes

These are the only "socks" I have found that stay on baby feet and they are so warm and cozy. We love them!

baby bar soap

Baby Jelly

car seat canopy

ergo carrier


Kid’s Lunch boxes (amazon version)

These are awesome! A great bang for your buck, dishwasher friendly, No BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

silicone muffin cups

Perfect for making extra compartments in lunch boxes and serving little snacks.

Amber teething necklace

This is what you see Scout wearing in a lot of her photos. Wonderful to help with teething pain.

bath toy caddy

I love that you can adjust the length and if it gets dirty stick it in the dishwasher. Holds a TON of toys.

kids’ natives

Scout is wearing these in red all summer and I just love them on her! Easy to get on, no laces or buckles (praise the Lord), and can get wet!

kids’ crocs

JR lives his entire life in these things! We have 3 pairs. He can put them on himself and I love that they can get wet, dry fast, and his feet don't get super sweaty.

Kids’ sun shirts

These are super light and breathable. I like the material better than your average rash guard material.

Silicone Straws

Perfect for little mouths!

Kid’s Stainless steel tumblr 8.5 oz. (2 pack)

Will keep drinks (and smoothies) cold for hours!

Popsicle Pouches

This is another great option for popsicles all summer long. Heck, in the winter (or when the kids are feeling under the weather), they eat them in the bathtub! Our favorite super simple recipe is orange juice pops.

Silicone Popsicle Molds

These are perfect for storing extra smoothies for your little people to enjoy on a hot summer day! Can also just do yogurt, orange juice, or any other liquid you like.

Scout’s White Summer Hat

We are HUGE fans of all the i play hats. The price point is amazing, they are great quality, tons of colors, and fit well. JR wears them too! Scout is in a size 9-18M.

Scout’s Pink Sun Hat

I adore this little Zutano brand hat! This, along with the i play summer hat we got her in white fit great and she doesn't try and take them off. We went with the "bucket hat" style as opposed to super wide brim because I was afraid the wider brim would bother her and blow around in the wind. Scout is currently 14 months (as of April 2018) and wears a size 24M.

BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller

I LOVE my Bob running strollers. We have both a single and a double and they ride so smoothly. I actually am a HUGE fan of the FLEX because I adjust the handlebars a lot for if I am pushing it, or Nate, and short little JR!

John Robert’s Sun Hat

I love the sun protection these i play hats offer, the string that allows you to tighten to the head, the string underneath that allows you to fasten it to your child's head (ha!) and the price is fabulous. It comes in a ton of colors.

Re-Play Plates

My mom uses these are her house and I like them so much better than the ones I have. Next go around, I am getting these!

Munchkin 360 cups

These are the cups I use for my kids daily. They are amazing! Don't leak and I even put their smoothies in them and they go through fine.

Beauty Counter Face Stick

This is the other face stick I have for the kids. It has a higher price point, but beauty counter is a leader in safer beauty and this stick lasts a while! This link take you to the page for my personal consultant, who is a lovely lady named Rita. You can purchase from her or any other consultant you know and wish to support.

Badger Sunscreen Stick

This is the newest stick I have gotten for the pale people for the summer. It's less than $6!!! It goes on white, which I sort of appreciate so I know I have covered the whole face well. Great ingredients!

ThinkBaby Sunscreen

This is an awesome, clean, effective sunscreen at an even better price point!

Erbaviva Baby Sunscreen

This is one of a few sunscreens I have for the kiddos. It is a bit more pricey, but when it comes to my little pale skinned blondies and sun protection, it's important to me that it's effective while also being chemical free.

Baby Lotion

Love the smell, and the price. Can also find at Target.

Kids’ Body Wash

We have used this since JR was a baby and love it! Hydrating, super clean ingredients (it has a 1 rating on the ThinkDirty app which is amazing!), I love the scent, and you can find it at Target and many grocery stores for around $8! This is a link for a 2-pack on Amazon.


Ipad holder for the car

workout tennis shoes

These are so comfortable and provide great stability!

around town tennis shoes

super light weight and don't even need to tie!

My $12 Sunglasses

I have them in 2 colors. They rock!

Lock Laces

These will change your life.

Baskets for entryway storage

We chose plastic for durability. These come in many colors!

entryway storage

This was super easy to put together and I like that it can hold fabric, plastic, or wooden-type crates. It is shown vertical but can be put horizontal too!

Our entryway hanging rack

This is the new shelf we put in our entryway to add lots of storage.

dyson v7

This is the vacuum I have and LOVE! The yellow one is the newer model but I think this one works amazing.


SO comfortable. Could walk for miles (or chase two little kiddos!) in these babies with zero complaints. I wore my cousins so much she just bought me my own pair for my birthday. Thanks, Bellie! Color:Mocha

Summer Sun Hat

This is the sun hat I took to San Diego. Its the best because the back is flat so you can sit back in a chair and not have the brim get all crushed and move your hat all around. Front brim is super wide and great sun protection. Plus, it's only $12.99 from Target!

Vionic Slip-Ons

These are my new slip ons my grandfather bought me and I adore them. My mom and sister in law have matching ones! The little eyelets really allow your foot to breathe and not get all sweaty. They are incredibly comfortable.

My Summertime Diaper Bag

Got this as a gift for Scout's birthday and we are in love with this bag! Small, lightweight, perfect for summer.


I know, I know. So pricey. But my goodness this thing has changed my life. Sometimes they go on major sale (like $100 off!) so definitely snag one then!


Above are my favorite products that I have and use often. Some of these products are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase. So if you do happen to purchase an item, thank you in advance!