Proverbs Printable

Proverbs Printable

With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite proverbs. I had one of my very best friends, Molly, handlettered it for me years ago and it has hung in the kitchen of every place Nate and I have lived. It is a daily reminder to me that love matters far more than what I serve my people; making space where people feel loved and accepted is what will last far beyond a good casserole. 

So, as we enter this season involving lots of holiday parties and meals with those we love, I thought this could serve as a good reminder to you all. People care more about your welcoming heart than what you make, what you serve it on, or how well decorated your house is. To paraphrase, “better is a dinner of frozen pizza and store-bought cookies where love is than a homemade meal and an unwelcoming, stressed out host with it.”

While the one hanging in my kitchen is a one of a kind by Molly, I rounded up a few designs using this verse for you to print out or save as your phone’s lock screen. Fill out the form below and a download link will land in your inbox.

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