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**NOTE: Upon purchase, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing the entire checklist PDF. That checklist contains the link to the audio files. You will then receive a second introductory email from me within the hour. From there, you will get a daily email for the next 13 days!**

In 2020 I wrote a series of blog posts that outlined what I do to refresh our home a few times a year. I was shocked at the number of you wanting a realistic resource that didn’t involve a total house overhaul or $1,000 trip to the container store.

And so, the Naptime Kitchen Home Reset was born!

This course contains 14 audio files, which take you through 12 areas. Each audio file comes with a PDF checklist.

  1. Introduction
  2. Kitchen Part 1: Fridge/Freezer
  3. Kitchen Part 2: Pantry and Cabinets
  4. Bathrooms (this includes medicine cabinets and linens)
  5. Bedrooms and Closets
  6. Kids’ Clothes
  7. Kids’ Toys
  8. Laundry Room
  9. Living Room
  10. The Car
  11. Paper
  12. Garage/Shed
  13. Your Mind
  14. Final Pep Talk 

As you listen to these episodes, my hope is that the PDF checklists work as a tool to help you get motivated to do the work. I have added additional lines at the bottom of each checklist for you to personalize them to your needs.

As a final send off before we begin, I want you to remember this during the entire process:

LET YOUR HOUSE SERVE YOU! You get to make your house what you need it to be. Like you, it is unique and it has unique needs to meet. Make it work for YOU, not against you. Let your house serve you. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

I am THRILLED to get to help you refresh your homes!

143 reviews for The NTK Home Reset Audio Course

  1. Mary (verified owner)

    Incredibly helpful info from Kate! Loved the process. Would not have organized without her motivation and practical steps.

  2. Ali (verified owner)

    I thought going in to this that I wouldn’t really learn anything. I was so wrong! While a lot of it is practical, the way Kate presents the info is awesome and has me working around my house making it better for our family. I’ve found I’ve adopted her way of thinking without noticing and I’m not mad about it!

  3. Hannah Kroll (verified owner)

    super effective and worth the purchase!

  4. Kristine (verified owner)

    This course showed me several new ways to approach a home reset and clearly explained things I should consider when making decisions. It gave me permission to use my home for my family. Who would have thought that’s what I really needed!

  5. Helen (verified owner)

    This was excellent and worth every penny! I loved that this was an audio course so I could listen while I cleaned, cooked, ran, juggled, etc. 🙂 Kate’s approach was practical and helpful – not overwhelming or guilt-inducing.
    I can’t recommend this enough!

  6. Haleigh Smith (verified owner)

    Easy to listen to. Easy to follow. Easy to implement.

    As a mom, I don’t need something that is going to waste my time and end in me listening to something for an hour and not acting on it. This was quick, well thought out and gave me easy (but sometimes difficult… anyone else cringe at the thought of taking everything out of their fridge?) steps to put in motion.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this, Kate! I would/do recommend to all my mom friends that feel like their house is overloaded and not working “for them”.

  7. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Love the fact that it was audio and visual. The checklists ROCK! I aimed to do one area of my home/life per week and bounced around depending on how busy the week/how cluttered an area was. It is such a kind gift to yourself that can be self-paced or Kate-paced. I love that Kate leaves wiggle room in there for what works for you. Thank you for the Naptime Kitchen Reset. Looking forward to my bonus.

  8. becnerdy (verified owner)

    The fridge section alone is worth it! Love the mindset change in making your spaces work for you and your family, not anyone else. It’s so much easier to grab the stuff I need all the time without having to shift around the milk and water jugs every time.

  9. meredith (verified owner)

    This course was amazing and oh so manageable. I’ve always dodged home organizing courses in the past as they seemed to require way too much effort and spending to prepare. Kate makes a home reset practical and simple- perfect for any season of life. The check lists were helpful to have on hand while working and the audio was to the point and fun to listen to! I actually look forward to repeating it again in the fall perhaps.

  10. Jessica (verified owner)

    The Home Reset is the most practical tool you can buy for your family’s home. As an Army family I was a little hesitant to purchase. We move often so I purge often. However, THR is about so much more than purging (although that is a helpful component). What I learned the most was how to make my home work for my family. The function of my home is so much better and everyone is happier in my house. I think it would make the sweetest wedding gift (or just anyone gift!). So thankful Kate made this!

  11. Amy (verified owner)

    Loved this series! It’s the perfect series for busy moms, every thing was short and easy to listen to without a big time commitment. All of the information was broken down and didn’t feel overwhelming . Highly recommend!!

  12. Amy (verified owner)

    Kate and The Naptime Kitchen Home Reset are fantastic! Her positive, upbeat personality and her real life perspective are so refreshing. The Home Reset is just the nudge you need to help get your home easily edited and organized . It’s a thoughtful, no frills system without the need for a lot of fancy or expensive products.

  13. Linda Wilkinson (verified owner)

    This is an approachable, helpful and joy infused guide to making your home somewhere you and your family want to be. Heartily recommended.

  14. Holly

    LOVED the Home Reset! I’m a big podcast person, so being able to just play the audio while I tackled each of the various areas of my home was so helpful! I got all the instructions and guidance (which was so thorough and fabulous) I needed while keeping my hands free to do the work.

  15. Danielle (verified owner)

    As a new homeowner, this has been such a game changer in how we have set up our home to work for us!

  16. Amanda (verified owner)

    Kate gives you an easy to follow and easy to implement approach to making your space work for YOU! This system is affordable, do-able and most importantly systematically! No matter if you’re a college student, single young adult, married, with kids or retired this will work for you!

  17. Jena (verified owner)

    I consider myself a very organized person so I was unsure if the home reset would benefit me at all but I am SO happy I purchased it! I’ve implemented many of Kate’s simple tips that have made my life and the functioning of my home so much easier. I also love that it’s broken out in sections so I can do one area at a time and not feel overwhelmed with trying to do it all at once.

  18. Mary Beth (verified owner)

    This program is a must for anyone who desperately wants to declutter but has no idea where to start (ME!) ! Kate is such a breath of fresh air and extremely relatable. She has really practical advice . I love how she broke the program up into manageable segments. Looking forward to her next episodes!

  19. Ally

    So doable and easy to follow! I easily could accomplish one day at a time during naptime. Love Kate’s encouraging cheerful voice that motivates me but doesn’t judge the state of my home before the reset😂 will be returning to this over and over. Very thankful for the checklists and audio Kate provides ,as I don’t have time to read an entire book in this season!

  20. Dianne (verified owner)

    This guide has transformed how I approach cleaning my home. It has simplified tasks that once felt so overwhelming. Such a great resource for anyone!!

  21. Becky (verified owner)

    To be honest I have not completed all of the sections, however my biggest takeaway from this program is to use your house how you want to. My goal now is to determine what I want the functionality of each area of my home to be. How will my front from serve my family and our needs, for example. Not what pinterest or the internet think that room should be used for. It is like The Home Reset has given me permission. May sound weird, but it is true.

  22. Sienna

    Thank you for this great guide! It was exactly what we needed to help us tackle all the clutter in our home. I’ll definitely be reusing this whenever we need a fresh start!

  23. Alyssa (verified owner)

    The Home Reset is like a coffee date with your bestie where she spills all her best tips + tricks!

  24. Shauna Speet (verified owner)

    I would HIGHLY recommend the Home Reset to anyone wanting to get their homes working for them in the most efficient way. I plan on doing this reset yearly as our family changes and we need different things within easy reach as we grow!

  25. Laura (verified owner)

    The NTK home reset is such a wealth of practical and doable home edits that can be used at ANY stage of life. It’s affordable and honestly, saves you money in the end! I highly recommend and would even purchase this to gift to friends!

  26. Rebecca Rogge (verified owner)

    So helpful for a new year reset — and I’m planning on doing it again when we move next month! More than just organizing and decluttering, this definitely helped me think through “pain points” in my home and how it make it work better for me and my family!

  27. Lily Clark (verified owner)

    This series could not have come at a better time! I love the idea of a rest versus anything else! I love Kate’s message behind the whole methodology – make your home for you! So what if there’s a drawer or cabinet that’s meant to be used for a specific use – ask yourself, does it work for YOU and your family. No one else lives with the decision, so stop fighting the mold and make your own!

  28. Kelly (verified owner)

    So excellent! I cannot recommend it enough. It’s accessable and she’s not making you into a mini version of herself, rather she’s giving you tools to make your house work for you! Just fantastic!

  29. Mary (verified owner)

    I love how Kate keeps the home reset simple and breaks it up into easy-to-manage chunks. She helps me to think of things differently and is so uplifting to listen to!

  30. Kelly (verified owner)

    Kept me motivated and focused!

  31. Kristen (verified owner)

    Loved it! So helpful and Kate’s voice is so kind and encouraging. A great investment!

  32. Mary Laird M Garrison (verified owner)

    This was so helpful. I DREAD all of these things and Kate made it fun and easy to break up in to manageable pieces. I do not know that I will ever be one that has systems day to day managed well but having something that can be a reset whenever I feel the need is such a great concept. Her tips are practical and she has an amazing sense of humor while doing it! I recommend this to anyone no matter the season of life you are in!

  33. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I keep a pretty tidy and decluttered house, but I can always use new strategies and motivation from someone! I *love* that Kate used an audio format for this series. I popped my headphones in and worked on the area of focus. Since I now own it, I can relisten when a certain area gets away from me. It was nothing truly life changing for me, but I enjoyed it and think it was worth the investment. I love following Kate and am happy to support a small business!

  34. Kristin L Hicks (verified owner)

    This found us at the perfect time. We had just moved across the country and I had no idea how to organize our new house or even tackle the many boxes staring at me. The Home Reset guide allowed me to put things where they made the most sense for our family and let our “house work for us and not the other way around”. Thank you Kate!!!!

  35. Laurin (verified owner)

    This program was wonderful! It completely transformed the way I think about the spaces in our home. It added function exactly where we needed to run a smoother household.

    Thank you Kate for changing the way I think about using our home to work for us!

  36. Danielle leclair (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of the best purchases I made this year! It has been so helpful in decluterring and making our spaces in our home work more for us. I love that I can just push play and listen to it in my AirPods while working on the space that she’s discussing. Love it so much!!

  37. Kelley (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how much my family and myself love Kate! Anything she does with her family, home or food, we try! When she released the home reset we knew we needed it and it has changed the way we live in our home. We were looking at how to move and areas we liked and decided we loved our home and didn’t need to move because we made our house work for us. I can’t recommend this enough! Thank you Kate!

  38. Anna Beth (verified owner)

    I have LOVED working through the Home Reset! I am married with no kids and am about to move to another country, and this has been fabulous for prepping BEFORE starting the packing process. I plan to revisit this resource once or twice a year to maintain easy and brain-uncluttering house organization and cleanliness. There are so many gems of tips, tricks, and mindset shifts. Highly, highly recommend.

  39. Mandi (verified owner)

    LOVE the home reset – the ideas are fresh and inspiring – and I can listen as I dive in! During COVID lockdowns I’ve realized how much stress my home brings into my life, and as I’ve been trying to minimize the junk and make my home work for me, I’ve needed some fresh inspiration to keep going, and this has definitely been a good push in the right direction!

  40. Julie (verified owner)

    Practical and very doable tips!

  41. Lindsay P. (verified owner)

    Kate’s Home Reset is so incredibly practical and EASY! She encourages you to do it at your own pace however works best for you. It has given my home a literal reset and thus my mind a mental breath of fresh air. This reset ROCKS!

  42. Amanda Tingle (verified owner)

    Simple instructions for getting your house in order one room at a time. Worth the time!

  43. Amy (verified owner)

    This audio course is wonderful! The audio files are short enough to listen and then take the actions to reset in one day. Very manageable to complete in a short amount of time. I have no kids and this course was still very helpful. Saving the kids episodes for the future.

  44. Mallory (verified owner)

    This program was amazing. It was encouraging and just detailed enough to be super helpful but not so structured that it didn’t apply to what I needed. Two little kids at home and are getting ready to sell our house and move and this helped tremendously figuring out how to get our house working for us with the space we have and still be “show ready”!

  45. Michelle Stoker (verified owner)

    Love Kate’s insight, honesty, and kindness. I really enjoyed listening to Kate’s audio and using her tricks in my own home. Highly recommend!!

  46. Hannah Tripp (verified owner)

    The home reset helped me to not only declutter my home but rethink ways to make my home work for me and my family. I loved the simple, practical ways Kate guided me through every area of my home to bring about some real change.

  47. Ashlyn Ellis (verified owner)

    I have followed Kate for 3+ years on her Naptime Kitchen Instagram. I loved all the life hacks she shared before releasing this and when I saw she would be releasing a “home reset” package…I knew I needed it. I am a busy nursing student and I have been able to do these one step at a time to reset my home. Get the home reset! It is good for anyone at any stage of life! I am 23 and have benefited from it!

  48. NicoleB (verified owner)

    The Home Reset has given me the freedom to make my home work for me. Through this I have moved things around in my house to make them work for our life and not just stay the way I put them 3 years ago before living in our home.

  49. Lorin Tinder (verified owner)

    Kate is a miracle worker! Her home reset is the best possible way to make your
    home work for you – not the other way around! I am 51 and fairly organized so I thought I knew all the tricks.
    No way – I learned so many useful tips from the Home Reset and also from the Freezer Guide! It was a breeze
    with her easy instructions and calming, encouraging demeanor. I can’t tell you how many tips I’ve used from
    her Instagram in my own home (1250sf home by the way) that have saved me so much space and TIME! With
    her help I have made my home work better for me and my family. Purchase the Naptime Kitchen Home Reset
    – you will be blessed. Thanks Kate for all your hard work for your fans!

  50. Hannah (verified owner)

    Relief! No stress cleaning tips and checklist make this working Mom relieved! I purchased the last day because I had major FOMO and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out! My house looks better and feels better just from doing this reset is small sections. I knew I was moving soon so I thought this was a great way to declutter and organize before moving. The checklists take the guessing and ADHD tendencies (squirrel!) away and make it easy to stay on tasks and portion out areas of my home to fit my schedule and lifestyle. Kate is a true genius and gem! Thank you for the work you put into this and the life changing advice that you provide through this home reset and daily through your SM and blog!

  51. Anita (verified owner)

    I am naturally a very organized and tidy person so I was hesitant as to if I would benefit from this course but decided to give it a try on hopes of picking up a tip or two. Boy was I so gladly surprised as I listened through the course! First off listening to Kate is like chatting with a friend. There were so many easy and practical tips that just simply make sense and help make your home work for you! Would recommend this course to anyone.

  52. Laura (verified owner)

    Loved everything about it!
    Loved the format (the audio with the printable), loved the content, loved that it wasn’t a deep cleaning project, but rather simple projects that just don’t get done often enough. I binged all the audio files, took it at my own pace and referred back to my printable to make sure I had everything covered under each task. I seriously can’t say enough good things about it. I have purchased MANY a course online. The majority I have had buyers remorse. I would happily buy this again. So happy to have it and would make a great gift for a girlfriend or sister that is nerdy about home organization like I am or just is overwhelmed in their home and doesn’t know where to start.

  53. Jasmyn

    I thoroughly enjoyed the home reset course and I got a lot of great ideas from it!

  54. Caroline (verified owner)

    This course has added so much value to our home! Kate gives practical strategies to make your house work for your life in simple bite size pieces. I have littles running around and this has made it easier to manage the home! Love it!

  55. Lauren (verified owner)

    So helpful, I laminated the checklists so that I could use them during each spring clean. Everything Kate puts out in the world is gold.

  56. Jill Hubbs (verified owner)

    This is the easiest most rewarding program. Big overwhelming projects broken down into manageable tasks that truly become enjoyable. The freezer clean out alone for me made the program worth my money. I discovered my ice machine wasn’t actually broken as I thought, I had forgotten to turn it back on after a prolonged power outage several years ago.Ha! Cleaning everything out helped me focus on the tiny detail I had missed and then had me looking into everything a in my life a little closer. Kate’s guidance and relatability make this program a treasure!

  57. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Love Kate. She breaks things down into bite sized pieces of information that doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. I’m a very organized person but her course pointed out things that I never thought of before and helped me see organizing my house in a different way.

  58. Susan Ludeman (verified owner)

    Loved all the helpful suggestions and love you, Kate!

  59. Amber (verified owner)

    Practical solutions for real life!! Love Kate’s advice and delivery. Well worth the $$

  60. Sarah (verified owner)

    I love this home reset. It’s so practical and once you hear Kates kind, thoughtful guidance you’ll want to get organized and keep what serves you. Sometimes I’ve listened to an episode and thought “good idea…I’ll do that sometime” but once you hear her guide you on these areas, it’s hard to not set aside the time to honor your space. Highly recommend

  61. Rebecca (verified owner)

    This is an excellent resource for anyone overwhelmed by the idea of organizing your home or frustrated by the space you have. The Home Reset gives you digestible and actionable steps each day to work through every area of your home. I LOVE the audio format and being able to listen while I do the dishes or prep a meal, and each task area could easily be accomplished in one day. I LOVE how practical the suggestions are and I LOVE that I didn’t have to buy anything to implement the strategies! I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is exasperated by the current state of their home and needs direction, accountability, and motivation!

  62. Gina (verified owner)

    While I don’t have kids I found this whole series to be excellent and a great tool for editing my home and making it work for me.
    I would 100% recommend to anyone!

  63. Kendra (verified owner)

    I truly found this home reset to be useful. I have a hard time focusing on the task at hand and can easily be distracted. This checklist of sorts is perfect for me. I can just look at what needs to be done next, do it, then move on. Thank you!

  64. Jaclynn (verified owner)

    I loved The Home Reset! It was so motivating for me. I was able to tackle each area in one day. The plan is simple and easy to follow. There were things I’ve never thought to clean out, but they made such a difference! It also motivated me to tackle some unfinished projects around the house that weren’t part of the plan.

  65. Sandy (verified owner)

    Kate really helps to break down a “spring cleaning” or reset. Tons of tips, checklists (which who has time to make on their own), and it’s all changeable to what you and your home need. Work at your own pace and tackle it one room or area at a time

  66. Meriam

    I absolutely love the NTK Home Reset! I’m not a mom, but I’m recently a stepmom to two teens plus I am a busy busy working lady trying to do life with my husband and our pets in the midst of new jobs and moving to a new city oh yeah and during a pandemic. Kate’s advice and perspectives in this audio course were so helpful—just the insight I needed to help make my home work for my family’s life and our unique needs. Kate gives practical advice with her characteristic wit, charm, funny, and practicality that drew me to her on Instagram in the first place. I took something away from every episode, and have listened to a few episodes twice. I also just love Kate’s voice and views on life. Highly recommend to anyone at any stage of life whether you’re a mom or not. Kate helps you see how to make your home and your systems work for YOU.

  67. Lea (verified owner)

    Love, love, loved the NTK Home Reset! It was the perfect kick in the pants to get my New Year clean out done! And of course, Kate was super organized in her approach and also didn’t overwhelm us with too many “to-do’s” each day! Would highly recommend this to any and everyone!

  68. Emily (verified owner)

    Kate’s approach is so kind, practical, and encouraging. Even as a single woman, I took away so many tips about how to really think about my space and small changes to make my home serve me better. Highly recommend!

  69. Jane Smith (verified owner)

    This program will highly motivate you. The best part is you can do some or all of it at your own pace. There is no pressure. It is not difficult and is logical. There are not a lot of products to purchase. It makes SENSE! And you will feel so good for any part that you accomplish. We are empty nesters and I wasn’t sure how much of the material I would utilize but it is very helpful at any stage of life and can be used as often as you like!

  70. Amy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love anything Kate makes! I especially love the Home Reset because it made me think differently about my space in my home and was so easy to implement and do!

  71. Amanda (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the Home Reset! I enjoyed having both the audio and the physical checklist. It really helped me reframe my mindset and then gave me easy, actionable steps. Kate gave me “permission” to let go of sooo much clutter in my house that I’ve been holding onto for way too long. I can’t wait to revisit the Home Reset over and over each year!

  72. Whitney (verified owner)

    While I’ll never be the cleanest or most organized, I didn’t think I would have a lot to do in each section of the Home Reset. I was wrong! I gained so many useful tips and was able to think about my spaces in new ways. Kate’s voice and encouragement were also such a great motivator to get up and get my house working for me. Kate is my favorite on Instagram, and the Home Reset was the perfect way to get more of her amazing content.

  73. Jamie (verified owner)

    It’s so helpful to have Kate helping me think outside my default to how best use my spaces. She’s giving me fresh perspective and sounds like I’m listening to a buddy.
    I love that the episodes are broken down by room/space and WITH a checklist, cause who doesn’t like ticking those off! I love I now have this material to ‘Home Reset’ several times a year, after the next move, etc. This is a great investment, your future self will thank you!

  74. Sandy R (verified owner)

    So helpful and doable in real life, with kids, etc. Thank you!

  75. McKinley (verified owner)

    Truly brilliant! Kate broke down each area of the home into manageable, yet incredibly effective, sections. I used to get overwhelmed at where to start to declutter our house but she makes it so easy. My family has been so impressed too, could not recommend enough!

  76. Kristi (verified owner)

    Incredibly helpful, made me think about all of my stuff in a different way and find the best way to store things in a way that works best for ME! I find myself thinking more about things before I purchase them and try to make the most of what I already have! Thank you, Kate!

  77. Hannah (verified owner)

    I love Kate and all the NTK content, so purchasing the Home Reset was a no brainer for me. It’s no surprise at all that the content in the Home Reset was completely life giving to a usually mundane feeling process! I love that it gives you permission to make your home work for YOU and is 100% practical! THANK YOU Kate!!

  78. Sarah (verified owner)

    This was so helpful! I have come back to some things later on and always think about some of the things Kate says – her voice and tips are like having a friend around to help me be intentional about my home and how it works for me!

  79. Kate (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the home reset! Whilst I live in a teeny tiny NYC studio apartment and don’t have separate rooms, the home reset allowed me to maximize my space even further by giving me the tools to refresh my little home. Highly, highly recommend!

  80. Diana (verified owner)

    I just can’t say enough about the NTK Home Reset. Manageable, practical, and has helped me rethink the how and WHY of my home.
    I think for many of us in the stage of life as newly married or with young families, it’s easy to forget this is OUR home, not our parents’ homes. We are the bouncers here. WE get to say what stays and goes (and where it goes) to create the best environment. This course is the “lifestyle change” where other home organizational programs are “diets”. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  81. Kellie (verified owner)

    The home reset is so practical and one of the most useful resources I have found. I appreciate that she encourages you to enjoy and make the most of the space you are in. I love that it is focused on function. It was honestly the reality check I needed when she reminds you that most likely our homes are not going to be photographed for a magazine and they didn’t need to be picture perfect. Seems obvious, but easy to get distracted and forget what matters. Also great that it’s self paced with both audio and checklists.

  82. Cholla Foote (verified owner)

    Honestly this Home Reset has completely changed the way I do life. Kate’s thoughtful tone along with great practical suggestions have helped me FINALLY get my home in order AND ITS WORKING!!!! My 9 year old daughter listened along with me and helped out too. She has completely taken ownership of her room and really made it work for her- HUGE WIN.
    Doing it for the first time it took a LOT longer to really do each “day”– but stick with it and do each area of your home, we are all still reaping the benefits 2 months on.
    My add-on tips: Buy stock in 3M before you start- #commandhooksforlife ; Ask for feedback from family members (especially kids); After you complete an area have a mini parade with your whole family and orient them to all the new systems/spaces; LABEL IT ALLLLLLL!!!!
    Thank you so much Kate- you are a ray of sunshine and happy light to listen to throughout a process that can be really BIG.

  83. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I love Kate’s simplicity and wisdom. She really has a wonderful way of explaining methods to make our homes and daily lives so much easier to navigate. While listening to the home reset, I often thought to myself, “This is genius! Why didn’t I think of that?” Highly recommend all of her guides.

  84. Shannon (verified owner)

    Just the motivation I needed! Clear, concise and engaging! Loved!!

  85. Sally (verified owner)

    Yall! I have a lazy susan in my fridge!!!!!!! This is not necessarily something I learned directly from from Kate’s home reset, but she continually reinforces making your home work for you and so I just thought of it and it’s been a game changer! You have to put in the work but her words give you the tips/tools/and mindset to tackle the task at hand .

  86. patty smith (verified owner)

    amazing! it was just the boost i needed. im 57 and did not need the “kid” stuff, but every recording was practical, fun and motivational. i knew how to declutter, but i wasnt. i needed her inspiration to actually do what i needed to do.
    i highly recommend!!!

  87. Elizabeth Stowers (verified owner)

    This has been my lifeline this season!!! I have loved the checklists and the accountablilty it puts on myself for completing the “reset”. My home feels lighter and I’m finding myself revisiting it several times a year. Thank you, Kate!!

  88. Abby (verified owner)

    The home reset was wonderful! I had noticed as I went through the house (I have been following Kate for a while on instagram) and realized thatI had slowly begun some of the projects already, which was a delight! Kate was responsive with questions I had and the reset is so approachable and manageable. Highly recommend!

  89. Amber (verified owner)

    BEST.PURCHASE.EVER. I can’t say enough great things about the home reset! Simple, practical, manageable!
    It would also make a great gift!!!

  90. Sarah Myer (verified owner)

    This made me think outside my box of what I take for granted – I’ve made small changes gradually to let my house serve me! It’s been a game changer and I find myself continuously making decisions within the scope of the Home Reset, rather than perpetuating my past habits!

  91. Jessica (verified owner)

    Love the home rest!

  92. Ali (verified owner)

    This product. Is amazing- it’s easy to follow and really makes you feel accomplished without judgement! Worth more than the price!

  93. Emily Grace Euliss (verified owner)

    Kate’s Home Reset was incredibly helpful, even though I consider myself to have pretty good organizational skills. Months later, I keep considering things she said in the course and find them immensely practical without any pressure to be perfect. I’m so glad I listened a couple weeks before we moved to a new house. I definitely recommend this course to my friends!

  94. Jaclyn (verified owner)

    I haven’t actually finished the Home Reset yet, but that’s because I work full time and have small children. So I work on it in small bites each weekend. I am so happy with how my kitchen is after going through the fridge, freezer, and all the cupboards–I’ve freed up some space and feel like I’m really making much better use of what I have. The Home Reset gave me the motivation and structure to get done what I needed! My bathroom is also in great shape and I am looking forward to tackling bedrooms next.

  95. Jennifer Roberts (verified owner)

    User friendly to the finest! Very straight forward and anyone that purchases the Naptime Kitchen Home Reset will be pleased. This will change your life!

  96. Lauren

    I love the Home Reset! It was amazing to have Kate walk me through, so intentionally and easily, making my house work for me. It is now a place I LOVE to be. I got rid of the items that were sucking life from our family and costing us money and space. I will be doing this every year! Completely worth every penny! Thank you Kate for laying this out so logically for my non logical brain.

  97. Sarah (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine who wouldn’t give this 5 stars. It’s the perfect tone, delivery and method that elevates your thinking about all of the space in your home and life and how it serves you, rather than you serving it. Even if it takes you weeks or months to work through – this is a valuable exercise I will continue to come back to seasonally and annually.

  98. Meghan Wallace (verified owner)

    Kate is a joy to listen to and I really enjoyed her practical tips! I love how she breaks this course down into small, manageable sections. I have really seen a difference in our home organization and I’m so grateful I invested!

  99. Lindsay Y. (verified owner)

    What a great resource!!! I was worried that I would get it and it would just be common sense things I already knew. Boy was I wrong. It gave a clear plan on each “chapter” and tons of things I never thought of!! Worth every penny and will be doing this at least once a year, maybe more!

  100. Lisa (verified owner)

    As a mother to two teenagers, I’ve been doing a version of my own reset for years and also consider myself to be a pretty organized person, but this was super valuable to me and I highly recommend it! My favorite things about the Home Reset are that it’s self paced and there a lot of great tips that are new to me. I work outside the home and have always struggled to keep up with weekly challenges. This program allows me to do what I want, when I want, and not feel behind. Kate’s concept of items taking up valuable space and doing what works for you were life-changing for me. I wish I would have discovered Kate years ago!

  101. Megan (verified owner)

    Loved every minute of it!! I am not a naturally organized person. and this program was super helpful. Putting everything into audio files is pure genius. Thanks for helping me get a jumpstart on organizing our home. My favorite part was the section on the mind. If you feel overwhelmed with cleaning and organizing your home this a must have!

  102. Jessica (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about whether or not NTK’s Home Reset is for you – get off the fence, it is. I purchased the home reset for myself as we (read: I) was feeling overwhelmed with STUFF as two adults worked from home with two tiny kids. The results speak for themselves as I have found “breathing room” in ever room of our home – and even more space in my brain. I wish I could show you photos of how we moved kitchen cabinets to better serve us (and the tiny people). Who said the pantry has to just store food – if it’s got the deepest shelves and keeps paint out of toddler hands, then store the paint in there too mama.

  103. Krisa Burdock (verified owner)

    I loved the home reset! It was such a practical easy to follow program that made such a difference in how we used our home and also the flow. I went through the program twice and both times I picked up on so many great tips. I will definitely find value in this for years to come.

  104. Sarah (verified owner)

    These were simple, practical tips that were easy to follow and bite-sized enough to tackle without feeling overwhelmed. Kate is amazing! Thank you for sharing your common sense!

  105. Paige (verified owner)

    My frustration with cleaning is always how to get started. Listening to Kate walk me through everything is like a friend guiding me to success. Her voice is also very calming to listen to!!

  106. Jillian Wilkerson (verified owner)

    Kate gives you permission to let go of things that aren’t serving your household/stage of life and gives practical tips to make your home work best for you. Worth the price of admission to help your house work you instead of the other way around! 🙂

  107. Crystal (verified owner)

    Kate has a miraculous way of making overwhelming tasks feel totally manageable. I have paid much more for courses like this one and gotten much less out of them. This is a fantastic investment for your home, your family and your sanity. I will come back to it again and again throughout the years.

  108. Erin (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore the way Kate approaches the home reset. It is clear and super easy to follow, especially for busy families. She is so relatable and I feel like she says exactly what I am thinking and then teaches you how to execute it! 100% would recommend.

  109. Kelley (verified owner)

    I love Kate’s practical tips for resetting your home and making systems that work for YOUR home and YOUR specific seasons. It was so helpful!

  110. Joanna

    The home reset is a resource I will continue to use in my home. I appreciated the audio files paired with hands on checklists. I loved how doable the whole process was and appreciated how it left me feeling like I had really gotten to know the inner workings of my home vs just cleaning the surfaces.

  111. Stephanie Phillips (verified owner)

    The reset was such a blessing. It allowed me to “make my home work for our family” by giving me practical tips that I could do at my own pace. It is worth every cent!!!!

  112. Lindsey (verified owner)

    I follow along on Instagram and was intrigued by the Home Reset. I’ve been a nanny, an office manager, and an executive, but this is my first time as a stay at home mom and have been feeling a real pinch in some of the areas this reset encouraged it would help with. I’m smart and able, but I needed the encouragement, system and to not have to over think it- the thinking has already been done. We tweaked areas of the reset for our family, but it was worth every penny. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  113. Jayme H. (verified owner)

    Total game changer!! The reset helped me feel “at home” in my home again. Worth every penny! Not to mention, I made my investment back (and more) selling long forgotten items I found stowed away in my closet. I will continue to use this!

  114. Jenna-Leah (verified owner)

    Such practical advice and each section was broken down in simple steps that were very attainable and easy to follow. Highly recommend!

  115. Erin W (verified owner)

    I did not know how much I needed this in my life! This has transformed the productivity in my house so much. Everything feels so much better now that my home works for me. It was so freeing and a really great experience. Thank you Kate for breaking everything down into simple steps that anyone can feel confident doing!

  116. Jenn Day (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing program! Kate has thought of everything with this new launch and has helped the organization in our home so much. But more importantly, she’s helped improve the functionality of our day to day life, which is a blessings with multiple littles!

  117. Kim (verified owner)

    I am not a natural organizer. The Home Reset gave such doable recommendations that you can use to make your space work for you. I also have two infants so my time is short – I loved that this was go at your own pace! Kate gave me new ways to think about organization and I know I will revisit this when I’m ready for another overhaul.

  118. Jackie K. (verified owner)

    I haven’t listened to the entire Home Reset yet (even though I’ve had it for a while), but I am CONSTANTLY thinking about the take-home points that Kate makes whenever I’m putting groceries or laundry away or just considering new placement for items in my home. Her concepts are so easy to learn and manageable to implement. And so very applicable to every component of home life! Highly recommend this to anyone and very happy to have purchased it so that I can review it time and time again. Kate does a fantastic job and I’ve really enjoyed following her!

  119. Candice

    Kate offers a home reset that is perfectly achievable for anyone. It is broken down so it is not overwhelming and she just offers the best most practical instruction / tips. She also is just delightful to listen to and the checklist are deeply satisfying for those that like to check the boxes once complete. I highly recommend the Home Reset and all things Kate. She really is a bright light in this world.

  120. Jamie Mallya (verified owner)

    My husband and I have loved working through the Naptime Kitchen Home Reset together! Kate is an awesome encourager in the audio portion and the checklists are incredible. It’s help adjust how we view our home and how we will view future homes. We did it in January and are planning to redo it when we pack to move in a couple of months. Super practical, affordable, and a resource we will be using for years to come.

  121. Danielle (verified owner)

    Kate has amazing tips for home and life. I am pretty minimalistic, but wanted to support Kate because her content is just so fun and perfect. I enjoyed listening to the reset and gained many new ideas for how to manage my home. I am excited to tackle paperwork in April!

  122. Kate Gaffney

    The audio files and guides contain many golden nuggets of wisdom that not only helped when I was doing the refresh, but continue to come to mind when I’m making decisions about items in my home. I love that these guides aren’t a one-and-done kind of deal. I oved tackling several areas with Kate’s help when this released in January, and look forward to being able to use the guides again this spring! A gift that keeps on giving! Thank you Kate, for making such practical and life giving guides to help us make our homes work for us!

  123. Betsy Burge (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed following Kate at Naptime Kitchen for a few years. Although I am in a different parenting season, kids aged 21, 19, 18 and 16, I have always found Kate’s voice and perspective relevant, practical and encouraging. The Home Reset is a gift of a product and has already benefited our household! Thank you Kate!

  124. Valerie (verified owner)

    I was getting ready to move when I listened to the Home Reset and it was gold! It helped me to declutter and think through where I would want items in my new home as I was packing. Which made unpacking and organizing my home that much easier. Kate is a gem and incredibly encouraging!

  125. Briana Davey (verified owner)

    Practical, helpful, and considerate of your time. There are no wasted words. The HomeReset is full of doable tips and encouragement. A wonderful resource!

  126. Jen (verified owner)

    I am IN LOVE with Kate’s Home Reset! I never knew making your home work for you could be so fun!! I loved each episode. The Home Reset has continued to provide so much value to our home and our lives. Thank you Kate!!!

  127. Jane (verified owner)

    After completing the kitchen portion of the home reset, I find myself smiling every single time I use my slow cooker. Having Kate remind me to make my kitchen work for me was the encouragement I needed to store this much-used appliance in a much more convenient place. Having someone make me think differently about something so small has simplified a task in a way I enjoy more than I could have imagined. Moving the slow cooker to the cabinet directly below the counter where I use it makes so much more sense than storing it on the other side of the room. DUH. I know it seems trivial, but after storing it so far from where I use it for 6 and a half years, it just delights me to grab it so easily.
    Thanks, Kate, for saying just the right words to make me rethink this!
    p.s. I was shocked to find how many spices I had kept until way beyond the expiration dates!

  128. Krista (verified owner)

    I started this Cleaning List in my second trimester of pregnancy and let me tell you it was perfect! Breaking it down into pieces after listening to Kate’s podcast and reviewing the checklist made it so I was able to get my whole home reset within 2 or 3 weeks. There was nothing crazy excessive AND it really helped me to think through decisions we make in our home! Still using principles from it today. I now feel ready and in a great place to welcome our baby with a reset home.

  129. Megan (verified owner)

    You guys…. I have done so many annual “decluttering challenges” and “spring cleaning challenges” but the Home Reset actually shows you how to set up your home and keep it continually functioning all. Year. Long. This isn’t a plan to get you to buy a million organizers and make your home Pinterest worthy. It LITERALLY makes your home earn its keep in your life by working FOR you. Whether you’re about to move, welcome a baby, taking in a parent, or any other life change, this is a MUST HAVE to get your home on track. It’s not overwhelming because it’s not every nook and cranny but the most used areas of your home. Not only was I motivated to tackle the rest of my home, but I felt equipped to do so. My goal was no longer for my home to just “look pretty” (because that’s hardly ever functional, right?). I needed my home to feel “easy to live in” and it does now!

  130. Kelsey Dennis (verified owner)

    You should get this. I don’t have kids yet and I recently got married and moved into a new house so I wasn’t sure how much this would help me since I hadn’t had years of clutter etc. I was so wrong. Her tips are super helpful irregardless of your kid status and frankly, I feel more prepared for when I do have them in the future. In the meantime my house makes more sense for me and my husband and that’s invaluable. Oh! And she gave me permission to throw things away and as someone who hates waste that can be so hard. Thanks Kate!

  131. Sarah

    The Home Reset was a wonderful way for me to tackle projects in my home in manageable segments. I loved listening to Kate’s take and using the accompanying checklist to complete the tasks. The home reset is fantastic! I plan to use it periodically to keep my house working for me!

  132. Whitney (verified owner)

    I love Kate’s practical advise in all aspects. We have a fairly tidy house and move often, so clutter doesn’t usually last long. It was nice to hear things from a new perspective and get a few new tips, but a lot was just reminders or refreshers.

  133. Elena (verified owner)

    This is the best!! So motivating and fun to listen and/organize at the same time. It takes what could be a set of tedious chores and turns them into manageable, even joyful activities. Such a great gift for yourself, or someone else, for the holidays

  134. Robin Morey (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough good things about the home reset. I am a military wife that has lived in 8 different homes in 16 years. We are finally in our forever home (we hope!) and it’s been hard to let go of the “good enough for now” mindset. Kate does a FABULOUS job of walking you through every room of your house with the overwhelm.

  135. Molly (verified owner)

    This course is WELL WORTH the investment into making your house work for you. Kate is fantastic and enjoyable to listen to. I love that you get to keep the audio course – I plan to re-listen to it in the new year.

  136. Alexis Bingham (verified owner)

    I’m so grateful for the work Kate put into this whole home reset guide. Her kind voice and enthusiasm keeps you going when the work seems overwhelming.

  137. Lisa Burns

    I am not sure what I like most about Kate’s Home Reset, but I do know that it is an incredible resource that I will continue to come back to for years. One of the best parts for me is that I can listen to each segment while I work on the task, or just before. I do not have time to read or even watch long courses, so having this in an audio format is perfect. I also simply love Kate’s down-to-earth approach to life, whether it’s what she shares on Instagram or in this course. Kate makes you feel equally capable of completing tasks, and at the same time, gives a grace-filled permission slip to just let stuff go if it’s not the right time for you. And lastly, as one who really loves organizing and coming up with hacks and solutions myself, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of this course. HOWEVER, I can honestly say that I have gleaned so many great ideas and tips that I had not considered before. Just a good reminder that we can all use outside input and a cheerleader pumping us up to do the work!
    Thanks Kate!

  138. Alison (verified owner)

    I realized while doing the home reset, I was still living with our kitchen the way my mother and aunt unboxed it for me three years ago when we moved into our house. Kate’s course gave me the nudge I needed and permission to throw that playbook out and make one that actually works for my husband and me.

    I can’t recommend this course enough, you won’t regret this purchase. Thanks, Kate!

  139. Sarah (verified owner)

    I purchased the home reset in the summer and it really works well for me! I love the way Kate guides you through thinking through the space for the season you are in. But what finally got me to write a review was when my mom purchased it this January … she has read almost every book on organizing and getting rid of clutter but it has always been a struggle for her to put it to action. While she loves the things she’s read and those things helped her in other ways, Kate’s home reset helped her take make some real progress on her home. This helped her finally make her home practical for one person instead of the family of six from when we all lived at home! Thank you!

  140. Hannah (verified owner)

    I have to say, I had been on the fence on if I should spend my cash money on guidance to declutter my home- and I’m glad I bit the bullet because it’s SO MUCH MORE than decluttering. Kate gave me the permission to get rid of my twin sheets stuffed in my linen closet (we have no twin bed) and in so many other ways make my home MINE. My favorite thing about going through this course (with a 2 year old and 3 month old) has to be the freedom to go about it at my own pace. I don’t get an area covered every day- and that’s okay! I’m over halfway through after starting 3 weeks ago and I’m still on a roll. Thank you, Kate, for providing this easy to execute way of going through my home. I’ll be coming back to it every year!

  141. Andrea (verified owner)

    I wish I could give this 10 stars! The Home Reset is the single best thing I’ve done for my home since we moved in almost 2 years ago. I’ve been following Kate for a few months and honestly thought the Home Reset would be nice, but that I could probably figure it out myself. Then I found myself and my home burnt out after the holidays and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! Kate’s tactical, practical, and light-hearted approach to home organization is exactly what I needed. Going through every room and every thing takes time, but Kate’s encouragement to think about how to make our home work for us was such a new concept for me. I happily moved my often-used, but previously inaccessible small kitchen appliances to a more accessible place and my kitchen was a whole new world! Every other room just fell into place from there, and even my husband is excited about the changes we’re making. I can’t recommend the Home Reset enough, and I can’t wait to make this part of our yearly home routine. Thank you, Kate!

  142. Krisa Burdock (verified owner)

    I loved this! I consider myself a very organized person and I still found so much value in the Home Reset. It helped me think about my house differently and how it can work differently for our family in this season. There are so many tid bits of information. I purchased it last year and have done it twice and know it will be of service to me for years to come! One of my best purchases of 2021!

  143. Kerri (verified owner)

    Although my home is comfortable, mostly organized and all too familiar (#PandemicProblems), I recently found myself at home with my 4-year old while Daycare was closed and looking for something that we could work on together to give purpose to our days. We would start by listening to the audio over a game of Zingo, and then get to work (between snacks and books). This course is incredible because of the motivation it gives to dig a little deeper into what works for us, while still giving us complete freedom and flexibility to do it on our own time. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go through our space with new perspective, and my little man loved being a helper. While I didn’t feel like my home really required this, I was surprised at how thankful I am to have this as a tool not just now but forever! If you are unsure, or facing a snowstorm like us in the Midwest, it is truly a gift that keeps giving. Super kid friendly (the toy episode was a little rough to negotiate) and a refreshing way to make our space work for us without spending nearly anything at all. Thank you, Kate!!

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